And it starts here…

18 May

Hi friends.  I’ve missed this.  After 7 years in the blogging world over at, it was time for a change.  Not only of websites, but of blog direction.

Those of you who were readers in the past know that my blogs are honest, deep, real and without fluff.  This blog will continue to be exactly that, but with a new twist in direction.  I posted basically this next paragraph as my “about” for this page… it sums it up as best I can.

“I’ve found in life there is a vast difference between head knowledge and wisdom.  Those who are truly wise, have become wise not just by studying text, but by experience and application.  I’ve found myself at a place where my head knowledge (especially spiritually) has grown, yet my actions to follow what I’ve learned is often limited.  I’m starting a new adventure to find and practice applications for all the “I know what I’m suppose to be doing…”  situations in my life, that I recognize and have the head knowledge to talk about, but don’t always let my feet (hands, mouth, thoughts) follow suit.  And for better or worse, I’m letting you watch this happen by reading along.  I don’t know, maybe we can do this together?  So many people want to talk about trials and struggles once they’ve conquered them because they have a nice clean package with a pretty bow on top to share.  Most of us in life are not at that stage, we’re in the messy too much tape, not enough wrapping paper, I used the scissors and almost cut my finger off stage.  I’m hopeful sharing what it looks like in the process will help us all relate and lean on each other.”

Even though some have mentioned that it helps when I post updates to Facebook, I still will only do that limited amounts because I try to watch my Facebook time as that site is a time-stealer!  I will try to do better, but I have a button on the side of this page that you can enter your email address and it will email you when I add a new post so you won’t have to waste time checking if nothing is added and you won’t have to keep track of the web address.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback I need a little fellowship and never tire of being sharpened by my friends.

OK- here we go!


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