Don’t? Interrupt me please!

5 Jun

I spend time every week repeating and reciting to my children, “just a minute, Mommy’s talking. Don’t interrupt me please.”  And I should do that as a Mom.  My little ones need to learn manners.  It is important that they grasp the concept of good conversation.  They need to know how to listen to someone, how to wait their turn, how to practice patience, and how to delay gratification for themselves.

These lessons as children help make us better adults.  We all know someone we wish had a Mommy who did a better job teaching “Don’t interrupt me.”

This little lesson (along with a REALLY long list that I’m not going to dive all the way into today) is so crucial for us to be well mannered in life, yet  is also very dangerous for us.

I feel so many of us as humans resist discipline, correction and authority the moment we turn 18, the beast of being our own boss is finally released in us to run wild!  We don’t have to answer to anyone anymore.  Most of hold onto good lessons, like saying “please & thank you” and are generally well rounded, but something else happens too.

The new freedom of independence, which has always longed to be expressed, can lead us if we aren’t careful to control ourselves.  This desire starts from birth.  Just watch a one year old toddle around the house and melt down into big tears and pouting lips when they are told “No.”

I’m wondering if I haven’t run so wild with my freedom that I have actually started to use my parenting lessons on the Lord.  I have my days planned out.  The things I have to do, the things I need to do, the things I want to do and so on.

I believe there are many days when the Lord would open the doors for opportunities and without even truthfully realizing what I’m doing, my actions & thoughts respond with “Don’t interrupt me please.”  I already have my list of excuses for why that would be silly, wouldn’t work out, would throw my whole day into a tail-spin, could be dangerous, isn’t necessary, cost too much money, and so on.

Here is an example-  there are times when I see someone on the side of the road with a sign that says “please help my family.”

And the thought crosses my mind to stop, ask their story, and help (groceries, money, whatever.)

And then I look in my mirror and see a car full of kids, one who probably just had a melt down in Walmart, one in need of a nap, all who want a drink & a snack, the thought of the realization that we really don’t have enough money ourselves, and I drive home.”

My “excuses” are real.  What do I do if I park the car and then the kids start screaming their heads off?  What if it takes 2 hours to hear the story and help out?  What if they need $500?

Have I forgotten what I’m here for? My God is big enough to help my kids understand.  I can pick up the lady and head to McDonald’s play land and my kids would have the time of their lives playing there while I do some talking. And don’t even get me started on how God provides financially. There is not a doubt in my mind if God asked me to give, He’d provide every last cent.

I ease my guilt quickly- “I’m going to do this kind of stuff as soon as Marisa is in school. Every day I’ll have the freedom to be interrupted if God needs me.”

Yes that is true.  And I SO look forward to the day.  But the person who needed God today isn’t going to be waiting on the same corner for me in 4 years when I’m ready to be interrupted.


OK Lord, I’m confessing my poor use of freedom all over the Internet here.  It’s really a pretty simple fix if I will trust You enough to be obedient.  I’ve never given You the opportunity to handle all my excuses. I’m asking for the chance to try again.  Interrupt me, please.  And then give me the courage to walk it out.


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