Pinterest…good or bad website?

25 Jun

I resisted Pinterest for a long time.  I heard people chatting and saw a number of facebook comments and posts displaying “I’m following you” or ” I pinned that too” for a few months before I gave into curiosity and created an account.

To be honest on the first day, I really didn’t understand what was so cool or fascinating with the site.  I figured I wasted my time setting it up and jumped off after a couple minutes.  For whatever reason, I don’t remember, I jumped back on one day and I saw something that sparked my interest.  A few clicks of the mouse later and I was now pinning my own boards.

Like facebook, Pinterest is a time-stealer.  And, it can be dangerous in the regard of leaving a mom feeling like a failure if she spends too much time looking, pinning and admiring everyone else’s ideas, successes, crafts and talents, and comparing herself with all of it.  

I saw a website once that had 101 crafts to do with your kids, and then pictures of them actually being done.  Are you serious right now?  I am lucky to get 5 crafts done a summer.  And I always see these adorable sewing projects.  I can’t even thread a silly machine, let alone move the fabric in a straight line. 

However, they both have good qualities about them too.  Pinterest is LOADED with ideas for everything you can imagine!  It’s a fantastic tool to expand your knowledge and creativity in a million ways. As well as fill the recipe book with variety and fun!

A few weeks ago while clicking around on Pinterest,  I noticed the hours were slipping away.  I had been on the computer A LOT that day and hadn’t done much of anything with the kids.  I took a two month break from facebook to help get this problem under control the last time I noticed it had gotten out of hand.

The thought crossed my mind- “I’m spending more time pinning activities to do with the kids, gift ideas, meals and so forth than actually doing any of them.”  I had tried one or two;  but I have like 20 pins.  Why do I need to be sitting on the computer pinning more things when I already had 18 I hadn’t done yet?

Practical Application:

First of all, I need a computer time limit.  Just like the kids need a time limit for video games, computer time and so forth, I need a time limit for sites like Pinterest and Facebook.

Secondly, I made a commitment not to pin anything else until I’ve tried what I have pinned (or at least most of it, in case some of it is holiday related.) Once I have most crossed off the list, I can add some more pins.

My hope is that this will allow the website to be useful to me, instead of solely a time-stealer and I will protect myself from jealousy, envy and failure by limiting how often I view what everyone else is doing.

I don’t want Pinterest to be a stumbling block in my life that seems so healthy and awesome loaded with amazing ideas if all they ever are is boards of ideas and I never put them to use.  That really just makes me a slave to my computer.

I have done quite a number of them so far and they’ve been SO fun and I feel like I’m accomplishing a goal which is lifting my spirits already!!  I’ll share some soon : )



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