I saw it on pinterest… does that make me a copy cat?

5 Jul

I told you I’d be back with more food for thought on Pinterest, so here I am.

Pinterest is such a different tool for women than it is for men.  Women don’t feel like a “copy cat” when we use something we’ve seen elsewhere.  In fact, we’re always up for sharing tips and ideas, recipes,  discipline tactics and so forth.  (Most) Men just aren’t that way.  They’ll see something romantic on a movie and assume it’s completely off limits because the idea would then be “stolen” from someone else.

I can appreciate that thought, but I don’t dwell there.  I don’t feel like a cheat for seeing fun activities for the kids and giving them a whirl at our place.  And I don’t even feel like I took the easy road when I see sweet gestures and gift ideas for husbands and I put them to use as well.

I will say though, that even though I’ve been around the block a few times, I got suckered BAD by pinterest with the whole idea to just assume it’s true and works like magic because I saw it on pinterest. We’ve had a couple epic fails!

Let me start by sharing with you a few items I pinned that were total scams.

~Newpaper in replace of landscaping carpet.  TOTAL FAIL!!  And this really ticked me off because we just re-did a large section in the front of our house and we have tons of weeds growing everywhere through the newspaper!

~Baking soda and vinegar to clean a clogged sink.  FAIL.  I’m sure it did help clean it and might even be a good preventative, but on the stopped bathroom sink, it didn’t do a darn thing.

~Wax paper on faucets to keep them from getting water marks.  Fail.

A few items that were a big success-

~Bubble snakes.  They worked great and were fun!

~Vinegar to remove egg shell science project.

~Fun and cheap gift ideas for your husband.

~M& M’s to decorate baseball cupcakes.

~Prayer jar.

The prayer jar has been a fantastic addition to our supper routine.  On Sunday evening, we write out 14 prayer ideas and put them in a jar.  Then for the next two weeks, each night we take turns picking out one prayer request from the jar and take turns praying for whatever we draw out.  When the two weeks are up, we sit down and write up another 14 requests.  It keeps us accountable for praying for things we say that we’ll pray for and also helps us teach the kids how to pray.

The gifts for your husband so far has been my favorite.  I took a lot of the ideas I saw and it also sparked my own imagination to come up with some more.  My hubby is on shut down for the entire week of 4th of July and it’s a big deal for all of us, so the last 24 days of work, I gave him one gift a day to help him count down and encourage him through the last few weeks.  I hid them in his truck, lunch box, and work shirt!  I’m going to post some of the pictures : )

Practical application:

DO NOT believe everything you see on Pinterest!!!

BE WILLING to try things that aren’t your own creation.


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