Sunday Morning At Walmart

9 Jul

For the last two weekends, we’ve attended a Saturday night church service.  It was really nice and we enjoyed ourselves.  Yet for some reason, even though we definitely went to church and worshipped, I don’t feel like we went to church because we were home Sunday morning.

I’m sure that stems from being at church nearly every Sunday morning my entire life, but the weirdness is so strong, I’m not sure what to do with it.  I can’t put my finger on if it just feels odd or wrong.  I almost think I feel some sort of level of guilt? At any rate, yesterday I needed to make a Walmart trip and Sunday morning was a good time in my schedule to go, so I did.

I have to be honest enough here to say, I almost didn’t go.  I felt so weird not being at church as it was, that I didn’t want to be seen on Sunday morning by anyone giving them the impression that I didn’t attend church but instead shopped at Walmart.  The thought may have even crossed my mind to wear a badge that said “I attended a Saturday evening church service this week.”

That seems a little over the top though, right?  Why would I even entertain the idea that anyone would think that?  Because I THINK THAT! I felt some sort of crazed obligation to witness to people on Sunday morning while I was out.  I mean, chances are, if they are shopping on Sunday morning, they aren’t attending church and they don’t know Jesus.  And they HAVE to know Jesus to have eternal life.  It’s my duty… Sunday morning is the spot light for all the lost people in the world, isn’t it?

No, it’s not.  But I’d be lying if I don’t struggle with believing that, EVEN THOUGH, I myself have attended Saturday night service twice now!

I didn’t end up witnessing or talking about Jesus to anyone that Sunday.  Had it not been Sunday, I might have normally.  But I was battling my own flesh to decipher who really is lost, and who attends service another night of the week, or was just scheduled to work, or whatever else.

I felt really awkward in my own skin Sunday.  And I didn’t like it.  I felt like I was discovering that I might be stuck in tradition, too quick to assume, to easily persuaded by Satan to tuck back when I felt unsure of myself, or just too hard on myself for a making a pretty fair judgement for a vast majority of people who actually DO need witnessed to that if they aren’t at church Sunday morning, they don’t go.

Practical Application:

Pray against a spirit of tradition (just incase it is in my mindset.)  A relationship with Christ is not based on tradition, it’s based on grace.

Witness anyway.  No matter if I was battling my flesh, Satan won because I didn’t reach out to anyone.  A Christ-follower is not going to be offended if you bring up Christ and they already know Him.  In fact, sometimes speaking to another Christian brings forth a large amount of fruit by encouraging the brethren.  And it definitely will always plant seeds for those who don’t know Him.


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