Church- give it to me straight. And then stick to it.

17 Jul

I feel like in the last few days while praying and talking about what God really wants from His church in their earthly churches, I’ve been given a clear vision.

If I were to create a mission statement, also known as “what we stand for or hope to accomplish”, written as a statement of purpose and goals for the church, it would look something like this:

“We believe scripture is God breathed and living.  The Holy Word is the authority of our lives and of this church, and will have the first and final say for all matters, above our feelings, the world’s perversions, the comfort of sinners, and the opinions of others.  We will read Scripture in context and study its original text to find out the facts on what is truly being said, why it is being said, who it is being said to, and how it should be applied today.  The scriptures say that ALL of the Word is useful, so it will ALL be applied, and not just the sections we like best.  And finally, the Bible says all born again believers have a spiritual gift given by the Holy Spirit, and if the believer is not using their gift in the church, the church is crippled.  We will not be a crippled church.  So if you’re looking for a place that makes you feel good, lets you sin without confronting it head on, and allows pew sitters to fill up the rows for numbers sake, this is not the church for you.”

I know, I too wanted to feel like it might be harsh at first.  I asked God “what about grace and mercy and patience for the unbeliever and the spiritually immature?”

The more I studied, the more I realized that we only have spiritually immature people because we don’t tell them the truth and we don’t enforce scripture.  We allow for pew sitters and one foot in/ one foot out mentalities because we’re too afraid to be unloving.  Jesus confronted everyone He talked to that was in sin about their sin the first time He met them, and those whom repented never felt unloved… in fact they went and told everyone they knew.  There is  a way to bring those to Christ in love and STILL honor God’s Word without compromise; we just have to stop being afraid and do it!

If you firmly stand on scripture from the start, there is no misunderstanding or frustration later from those who were able to be uninvolved while the church limped around “surviving” without their help and commitment.  The way they see it, the church gets along without their help for years, so they really aren’t needed even when you point out needs. They’ve been able to check “church” off their list each week just by attending so when you try to explain something different to them,  they don’t believe you or scripture. In fact, they can become quickly defensive and offended and accuse you of having a personal agenda since the standard of acceptance is changing in the middle of their usual pattern.

Churches all around the world are dying because they’re crippled.  And worse than that, they’re compromising against God’s moral standards and purposes because they are allowing people’s feelings, wishes, and interpretations to be the authority over God’s Word.

There are men and women all across the world who change scripture to read how they wish it read, instead of in context, in original language and in conjunction with the entire Bible and character of God.

I want a church with the mission statement I wrote above.  And I want to see men of God serve at that church who will uphold it against the forces of evil, the ridicule and judgement of others, and the scorns from other believers who think it’s harsh and unloving.

I pray God will make this a reality.


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