Rebellion- we all gotta do it.

20 Jul

Being a parent is so frustrating some times isn’t it?  This is the pattern of raising children…

Parent: “Don’t touch the burner, it’s hot.”

Child: Touches burner. Gets burned.

Parent: “Be patient. You need to wait your turn to speak.

Child: Interrupts anyway.

Parent: “Tell the truth.”

Child: Lies. Makes situation worse.

It seems like SUCH a simple concept to grasp.  Trust your parents.  They love you.  They are teaching you things and setting boundaries, not to keep you from fun, but to keep you safe and healthy.  Rebellion is a lack of trust and a misunderstanding for why the boundaries are put in place and what you need protected from as a child.  It’s a mentality that screams out to have our own say. An arrogance that the child knows better and has enough wisdom to make their own choices.

Is this not how we adults (the children of God) relate to God (the Father/parent)?

God’s “rules” and commands are not a list of exclusions that prevent Christians from experiencing real fun in life.  They are boundaries and parameters to keep us from getting hurt, experiencing pain and guilt, being trapped and enslaved to sin, forfeiting our freedom to be a slave of the world and so forth.

Even when Christians get their mind around this truth, we (if you’re anything like me) can still struggle with complete obedience.

Here is the best example I can give of how we think we can “obey” laws without actually obeying them at all.  We find a way to break the law, without having to pay any penalties or reprocussions for our actions.

The speed limit on most roads in our area is 55.  What speed do you drive?  What magic number have you decided is OK to drive because it is faster than 55 but slow enough not to have to pay a fine for breaking the law?  57? 59? 60? 62?

If you’re driving faster than 55, you’re breaking the law. No matter if you “get caught” by the law… your character is altered by this decision.

This mentality leaks out in every area of our lives.  We start to test every limit and boundary, to step just over the restrictions, and see how much we can “get away with without getting caught.”

God knew we’d do this. Which is why He gave us verses to remind us that His standards for us are higher than we can maintain in our own strength.

God says “hate” is the same as “murder” and “lust” is the same as “adultery.”  We can’t keep His law.  Which is a good thing He sent an atonement in Christ for us, and the Holy Spirit to sound alarms when we’re “too close” to danger.

Practical Application:

I’m spending time evaluating my decisions and my actions to see where I’m stepping over the boundaries. The fact that I haven’t suffered any obvious penalties has given me courage to keep breaking the laws (either from my government or from my God) and I need to own the areas that this is true in my life.

Confess my sin of rebellion and ask forgiveness for my desire to be my own god and set my own limits, especially when in defiance against boundaries I should be staying inside.

Ask God to help me see this mentality in the future so I can prevent this from rooting any deeper in my life. I need to pull this out completely before if clouds my thoughts into believing I can take it even further without penalty.  And always remember, my character is affected even if I don’t get caught.


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