Look fear in the face and thank it for the challenge.

30 Jul

Saturday morning my family and I were blessed beyond measure to be apart of a random acts of kindness morning.  If you’ve never done anything like that before, you should do it.  Jump on pinterest or google and type in “random acts of kindness” and you’ll get a million ideas!

I know you’ve heard it said “it is more blessed to give than to receive” or “I was so moved to be able to help out.”

That friends, is not just a saying that people throw around to make it seem like what they did was not a sacrifice.  It is truth. And I dare you today to find out for yourself.

Let me tell you a little about a fear I have.

I am not a big fan of nursing homes.  Why? They usually smell.  I don’t know the people I come into contact with. I assume most of them are grumpy and irritated and would rather not talk to me or have strangers visit. I don’t like feeling out of my element, uncomfortable, or unsure of my surroundings.  One time while visiting my grandma, another elderly lady got sick from coughing and vomited in the room next to where I was standing and it was thoroughly disgusting.  And finally, I am not always up for touching strangers, and many need help or want hugs.

On Saturday morning, my world was turned upside down!

The nursing home visit was my absolute favorite.  I put together three care packages with 6 nail polishes, remover, cotton balls, manicure kit, nail strengthener and so on, and some others made home-made cards and gifts as well.

First of all, the nursing home we went to did not smell at all.  Whew.

Secondly, the way those elderly folks lit up when they saw us was incredible!  The women all welcomed us in and thanked us for the cards.  All three women that I gave the nail polish packages to reached in and grabbed one polish and said “thank you.” When I explained that they didn’t just get one color, they got the whole kit, they were all over-whelmed.  One lady just looked at me and started crying saying “why, would you do this for me?”  I literally felt a mixed reaction of so much love for this woman, and oh so much shame on myself that I haven’t loved on people in my life more just by watching her whole being melt under the small act of love I showed her in that 3 minute visit.

Jaxon was all about walking into all the rooms to say Hi.  He climbed right up into a gentleman’s rocking chair and when someone told him it was time to go, the elderly man looked at him and said “hey little man, you can sit in that chair as long as you like.”  Oh I wanted to hug that man and let him experience the joy of children for hours in his room.  He didn’t see annoyance with Jaxon for touching his things, he saw love that he felt comfortable enough and wanted to sit and visit.

I hated to leave.  Really, we did so little that day.

Our home is 2 miles from a nursing home (not the one we visited, but a nice home all the same).

As soon as we hit the car, I looked at Josh and said, “We’re doing this once a month.  I don’t care if we call the activities coordinator and plan to take the guitar and sing songs, go paint women’s nails, or just visit room to room, we’re doing this!”

Do you know what happened to me on Saturday?  God taught me something so deep and rich, I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.

The things we’re most afraid of in life, are the ministries and activities that we’re called to do.  God ALWAYS takes us out of our comfort zone.  He knows us, if we’re comfortable, we’ll act in our own strength.  When we’re uncomfortable, we’ll die to ourselves and rely on God for strength and leading accomplishing His goals and purposes instead of our own.

Look at Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Jonah, Esther,  and OH SO MANY MORE! They were all called to look at their fear and tell Satan “Get behind me” And when they died to their own restrictions, look at their stories!!!!!

Practical Application:

Take some time to think about and make a list of what I’m most afraid of doing.  Chances are, those fears are actually challenges from God to answer a call to greatness.

Make a list of small steps that I can take to move in a direction that faces my fears and dies to my restrictions.

Pray, pray, pray and pray some more that God will give me strength to follow through with my new commitments.

Sit back and watch God blow my socks off in ways I didn’t even realize would change my life.

If you’re up for it… I’d really like to hear a “fear” you have.  Comment below to share a challenge you want to take so I can pray with and for you.  And you can keep praying for us, that we’ll follow through with this nursing home ministry!


2 Responses to “Look fear in the face and thank it for the challenge.”

  1. Valerie July 31, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    I have a serious fear of entering the childen’s ministry at our church! I never even wanted children (surprise I have 4!) and the thought of working with other people’s children scares the socks right off of me! This fall, I’m the stand-in for the 2/3yr old class! GULP! I love how open you are and your ability to turn it into a challenge for everyone else! Continuing to pray for your family!

    • kaylagulick July 31, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

      Oh Val- I understand that fear! Good for you for taking the plunge and allowing yourself to be put into an active role anyway! I’ll keep this in prayer. And thanks for the sweet words of encouragement. I always pray God will use this blog to reach and teach others while I too, grow in my walk!

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