A good God wouldn’t….

6 Aug

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you already know this about me.  But if you’re just starting to read along, I’ll fill you in quickly on this truth.

I get really frustrated when I hear people say “A good God wouldn’t _____________.”  (Create me with these desires if I wasn’t suppose to act on them.  Make my child sick.  Send people to Hell.  Allow that father to beat his child.  Let my sister be murdered.)

The only reason people use this phrase is because they don’t really understand this world and what happened 6,000 years ago.

I am assuming you could ask them (those who use the above phrase)  about “creation” and “sin” and they may say something along the right lines of God creating a perfect earth and perfect humans and then they used their free will to sin.  But the depth of their understanding and wisdom stops there.

Think about this for a minute.  God created a PERFECT earth and PERFECT humans.  HIS DESIGN was never for us to experience sin or death.  Sin and death entered reality for human life BECAUSE OF human beings and their free will through the deception of Satan.

The reality of the earth (world) created is not because God wanted things to be this way.  It had nothing to do with him being a good God or a bad God.  And EVERYTHING to do with us being deceived, sinful humans.

When God’s creation abandoned His GOOD AND PERFECT will and design, He could have written us off, killed us, or sentences us all to Hell for eternity (which is exactly what we deserve.)  But, here is the reality of God.   HE IS A GOOD GOD!

He loved us so much that even in our rebellion, He came up with a plan of redemption.  Eternal redemption does not free us from temptation and sin on earth, it doesn’t excuse us from disease, heartache, and death, nor does it grant us immunity and wealth.

If we think it does, the matter at hand changes entirely from if we believe God is good or not, to if we actually desire a God who gives us everything we want.  Which is really just more sin, isn’t it?

God didn’t design a way to turn back the hands of time and undo the sins Adam and Eve committed.  It wouldn’t have mattered if He did.  It would have been someone else, or at the very least, myself, who would have ruined it all with sin even if He had.

What really happened is that God left us to the consequences of our sin.  Eve’s labor pains were increased (since her role was the mother of all creation) and her desire is for her husband even though he’d rule over her (definitely more on this another time) and Adam had to work the ground for food and be sentenced to return to dust upon his death.  They were banished from the garden.  They would never know perfection on Earth again.

Even though God didn’t remove the consequences of their sins, He still provided eternal salvation.

We’re so here and now as humans.  What we are experiencing gets all our attention and energy and often controls our emotions.

But this life is not the end.  And 80 or so years here is so small it can’t even be measured in light of eternity.

The pain and suffering we experience here, though very real and never easy, is temporary!!  Do you get that?  IT IS TEMPORARY!!!

God cares about what we experience on Earth, but He is MORE concerned with what we do with His son Jesus.  The reality is, it doesn’t matter if you have cancer on Earth or not if you spend eternity in Hell.  Now don’t misunderstand, I am not saying God isn’t concerned with our health.  And I’m not saying He doesn’t weep when we weep.  Remember, He never desired sin and pain for us.  But cancer is a result from living in a fallen world where sin & death are present.  God isn’t going to make us all exempt from the world WE created. But He will save us for eternity if we accept Him.

Practical Application:

Get into God’s Word.  How can we possibly know what God would or wouldn’t do and what He will and won’t allow if we don’t even read His very own words that tell us so?

God let John the Baptist (the cousin of Jesus) be beheaded (Matthew 14)

He let armies kill men, children and rip open the bellies of pregnant women (2 Kings 8:12)

He let Pharoah kill all the newborn Hebrew baby boys (Exodus 1:16)

He let Samson’s eyes be gouged out (Judges 16)

He let Joseph (an innocent man) be put in prison (Genesis 39:20)

He let Paul be stoned until the point where they thought he was dead (Acts 14:19)

He let Jesus be arrested, beat, mocked, flogged, and nailed to a cross (John 18 -19)

God always has a plan that is bigger than us and our pain.  We have to make a decision if we trust Him, exactly WHO HE IS or if we reject Him because He doesn’t serve us the way we want Him to. Or really be a fool, and just make up out of the clear blue sky a God we WISH existed who didn’t call the things we like to do sin at all, start serving him, speaking for him, and even calling him falsely “God.”

Circumstances and feelings are not a good basis for truth.  God’s Word is true no matter if I’m happy and rich or if I’m sad and poor.  So practically speaking, where do I stand?  Do I trust Him to let me experience this world through His hands, even if that means pain and sorrow? Will I surrender my time on Earth to the truth that He uses us in ways that are bigger than us?  Will I speak from the wisdom of God’s Word instead of the ignorance of my sinful, uneducated heart?


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