“I do” – take 2

9 Aug

I am so excited about tomorrow night!!!!  Why?  Thank you for asking, I’d love to share : )

Ten years ago, I married my husband.  You want to hear about the world’s worst wedding, keep reading.

I was sick.  And not just stuffy nose, sore throat sick.  High fever, vomiting, light-headed… that kind of sick.  I loaded up with so many anti-vomit and fever reducer meds (definitely taking too much at once) that my body didn’t know what to do.  At times I needed to puke and couldn’t. Other times, I don’t remember anything at all, like I blacked out.  And most of the day I spent in the bathroom over the toilet.

I managed to make it down the aisle. But, after driving to the reception, I couldn’t stand, sit, or function at all for another moment.  Josh had to drive me back to his apartment, well, our new home together, and then drive back to the reception to end the party with everyone else.

No first dance, no father/daughter dance, no dollar dance, no cake eating, no garter/bouquet toss, no celebrating of any kind.  And $5,000 right out the window.

Then, to top it AAALLLLLLL off, the photographer that we hired, to save money, was a  lady just starting out a new business.  She showed up without lights and a junk camera.  Most all of our pictures are all dark, blurry and worthless.

Best night of my life. Can we re-live that again? Please, sign me up.  Right. Ugh.

We’ve debated what to do to give ourselves a better set of memories (well me mostly, my husband never really dreamt as a kid about all the wedding stuff we missed out on like I did.)

This year, Josh asked me if I wanted to renew our vows.  Of course I said, Absolutely!!

It is amazing to me how you just have no idea what you are really agreeing to when you say “I do.”  It has nothing to do with understanding the concept.  And everything to do with the fact that you can’t understand better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health until you’ve actually lived it and experienced it.

Not to mention, disappointments, forgiveness, grace, mercy, faithfulness, compassion, patience, understanding and every other part of marriage that no one really likes to talk about existing when you’re young, in love, and meant for each other.

I have found that traditional vows are good, but they lack a depth that Josh and I want and even expect in our marriage.  So, we wrote our own together this time that we’ll both promise,  as well as some special words we want to share with each other as a surprise.

We have a really awesome night planned- I can’t give it all away before it actually happens : ) BUT – prayers that the rain would stay away so we can be outside instead of alternate inside plans would be GREAT!

We’re capturing it on video and getting some new pictures, which will hopefully bring a little healing to the ache of a dream wedding gone horribly wrong.

I do have a practical application for this post too:

If you are married- sit down with your spouse and write new vows.  Even if you don’t have an official ceremony, that isn’t the important part.

Talk about what it most important in your marriage- like faithfulness, work ethic, parenting- all the things that you may not have promised before.  Or that you want to add now that you’ve lived life together.

Have fun!  And fall deeper in love! I know I sure did!!


4 Responses to ““I do” – take 2”

  1. Beth August 9, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    Looking forward to sharing tomorrow night with you!

    • kaylagulick August 9, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

      We’re so excited it worked out to have you be here and be apart of the ceremony!

  2. Kristen Smith August 9, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    We want to do this next year, too! I hope that it is the most wonderful day for you both! I look forward to seeing pictures and seeing how it all turns out. Blessings on your special day!

    • kaylagulick August 9, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

      I will share all the details with you after tomorrow night! We really wanted to invest not only in our marriage, but in our friends’ marriages too so we planned something really special! (more later!)

      Thanks for the well-wishes! I just know it is going to be amazing : )

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