I’m not getting the results others are getting.

19 Aug

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who shares an incredible testimony about some sort of success or accomplishment, and he/she even includes the avenue or tools that brought it about; only to find yourself walking away going,  “I don’t get it.  I have done everything they have done, and my testimony doesn’t have a big happy ending.  In fact, it has been extremely frustrating and disappointing.  Why him/her and not me? How did I do the same things and get a totally different outcome?”

I’ve had these thoughts so many times I’ve lost count.

While I don’t have all the answers, I do know that God allows different outcomes at different times in our lives because He is helping us grow and mature in our character.  The truth is that we all learn and develop our understanding, trust, faith and wisdom in different ways, even under the same circumstances as others, and God knows us so intimately, He’ll sacrifice our disappointment with the results to help us press on to the outcome that is ultimately best for us.

Because we live in world where so many untrue statements are made of God daily, we have a hard time getting to the root of some of these issues.  God is concerned with our happiness, but He is MORE concerned with our joy in Him- even if that means experiencing pain, frustration and disappointment (which is the reality of  the world we created)  to lead us to the profound depth of real, true, intimate joy in the Lord.

That being true, we’re still human and these emotions and realities on earth are still really hard to live and deal with.

You’ve probably heard people say “keep preaching truth to yourself, keep reciting scripture, pour out your heart to the Lord.”  And I’d say, all three of those are incredible tools at our disposal to help us in this process.  But in my experience, none of those magically make the situations turn around to go the way I really wanted it to go in the first place.

And that is the bottom line isn’t it?  Disappointment is really the reality that the results *I* wanted, did not come to pass.

Just another obvious reminder how selfish I am, and how at first glance, that seems to be God’s fault.

Practical Application:

So what do we really do with being human?  Not much honestly.  We’re stuck in these bodies until we die.

Yet somehow recognizing more of my selfishness, at least for me, gives me a stronger desire to get it out of my life.  And a heart to seek why God isn’t bringing the results I see others with similar circumstances getting.  To search deeper and harder for the characteristics and lessons I need growth in while I’m here. And another opportunity to worship a God who loves me even when all I want is Him to serve me and show up in the ways I think He should, especially if I’m comparing myself with someone else.


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