Whose job is it to serve in the nursery?

12 Sep

If you’re tuning in for this post, get ready for some controversial debate.

Next to politics, this seriously just might be the second greatest disputable matter to ever be discussed.

Lets just dig in, shall we?

Who should be staffing the nursery on Sunday mornings for Sunday School hour, Worship service and Wednesday night class?

There are a number of possible options here, so lets take a look.

1.) The mothers of the children using the nursery.

I clearly see the point that because they are the ones using the nursery, they should be willing to serve in the nursery.

However, I would like to make the argument that these mothers are in the non-stop, constant demand of raising toddlers (especially if they stay home), and have an extremely hard time fitting in any study of any kind at any time because they have to pay for a sitter, or are expected to staff the nursery for the classes offered, so never get a chance.  We wouldn’t ask an elderly person who needs meals to go around making meals and taking them to other elderly people.  When you have a need to be served in a certain area, that doesn’t automatically imply that you should just be willing to serve yourself.

2.) Other women in the church.

The point can be clearly made that they put in their time when they had children, so why should they have to serve again? And older women may not be busy with little children, but they are still busy with multiple other things and can’t always fit in studies at other times.

I feel bad for older women who had to work the nursery all the years when they needed to use the nursery. I’m sure if they remember how hard it was, they might be inclined to help turn the tables for future generations.

3.) Men in the church.

Some might offer up the truth that most men are not comfortable serving in the nursery without the assistance of a woman, for multiple reasons.

However, the influence of godly men is incredible for children in the church and is lacking in a number of areas in most churches.

4.) Teens.

If the teens are in the nursery, how are they being taught (especially at the age when they are discovering who they are and what they believe) what scripture says and how to apply it to their lives?

There is a lot of benefit for teens to learn how to serve selflessly and even start to build mentor relationships with younger children who admire them.


Yes, I could go into MUCH greater detail and a ridiculous amount of back and forth debate.

At the end of the day, no one wants to serve in the nursery.  Just about every single person if they had the choice to serve or not to serve, wouldn’t serve in the nursery.

Bouncing kids, changing diapers, giving snack, reading books, and playing toys when you could be ANYWHERE else, especially enjoying service or study time, is grueling.


Myself included here, because I am a firm believer that mom’s who need to use the nursery should not be expected to always staff it, need to shake the selfishness off and remember that Jesus, THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD, washed His disciples feet.

In light of that, none of us, not a single one of us no matter what argument we think trumps them all, has any ground to stand on.

Which is why we ALL need to serve each other, together.

I honestly believe that every attendee of the church should be put on a rotation to serve in the nursery (as well as door greeters- –for another post.)

If the church has 100 attenders and they work in groups of 2, then basically everyone only has to work the nursery 1 time a year.  Obviously, the size of the church determines how many people you need in the nursery for it to be properly staffed, but also how many weeks you’d be needed to serve each year; but I firmly believe if every church implemented this, no one would be serving more than 4 Sunday’s a year, which is not that big a deal!

I know I know, the two biggest “show stoppers” to my idea.

1.) Kids need a familiar face each week.

2.) Nursery workers need fingerprinted for security now.

First of all, kids are resilient.  And if we’re getting to know each other like we should be, the children should know everyone in the church anyway, and this is a good start.

And secondly, so what if we finger print the whole church?  I trust that God would honor that decision even if it was a big financial commitment because the whole church would be saying “WE WILL SERVE!”

I’m not going to add a practical application here because I can’t force any church to take on this “idea” and run with it.  But I wish more would pray over it.

What do you think?  Am I way off the mark here?  Do you agree?




3 Responses to “Whose job is it to serve in the nursery?”

  1. smashesmarie September 13, 2012 at 12:18 am #

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this post makes it seem as if children are a burden? Young children make attending church a challenge, but I wouldnt want 80 year old Joe Schmo watching over the nursery just because he’s a member? Aren’t moms better suited for this? Moms are used to sacrificing their time to their children, and we all can appreciate that. This is a very small challenge compared to the challenges other moms must face, right?

    • kaylagulick September 13, 2012 at 9:20 am #

      I guess I think the rotation should be set up wisely. I probably wouldn’t put two 80 year old men in there together, however, Grandpa’s have a lot to offer children, so I can still see benefit in anyone and everyone taking a turn to serve.

      I do apologize if I made it sound like children are a burden. The point I meant to make is that mom’s also were created for and need study, fellowship and worship time too. We all crave it, and rightly so. I just don’t think the same people, regardless if it is the young mom’s, older ladies, or men of the church should be neglected the chance to experience it because they are always expected to be serving the children.

      I feel like it is a responsibility we can all share.

      Thank you for jumping in and sharing your thoughts!! I appreciate the feedback!

  2. smashesmarie September 13, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

    I suppose my point with the 80 year olds was more that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that. My grandma is 72 and I don’t ask her to watch E because I feel he’s way too busy for her to keep up, and she is a spry 72 year old!
    I know moms need all those important opportunities for fellowship and study. They crave it! I just feel that sacrificing one time out of every few is a great way to serve other moms, and it also makes the time when you are not in the nursery more valuable 🙂 To each his own, though! Love hearing other people’s ideas!!

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