It just gets easier.

17 Sep

Yesterday, we had the absolute blessing to attend church with our best friends.  My dear friend Patti, gave her testimony at the end of the worship service sharing how Jesus has helped her see her value in Him and finally break an addiction to food after MANY years of being in bondage.  She has currently lost 100+ pounds and has roughly 38 more to go to hit her goal weight!  However, she says this is a new life for her that won’t stop with a magic number.  And given how many people she is going to reach through what she shares, she’s going to be busy the rest of her life growing the Kingdom!!

Here is a picture of my two very best friends (Stephanie & Patti) wearing our “I believe” shirts celebrating after church yesterday!

I really enjoyed the message her pastor gave.  He was talking about labeling ourselves “As Is” and believing we are nothing more than the way we see ourselves.  Which is often created by what other people say, our shorting-comings and failures, rejection in the world, and lies from Satan.

But that is NOT how God sees us.

I could share the whole message here, but really, one thing he shared in particular really hit home and has had me really digging deep to own it in my life.

He said (please forgive me that I don’t remember his exact words to make this a direct quote, but you’ll get the point) Be careful about reading scripture, being convicted, and then ignoring it.  The more you read God’s Word, are convicted, and don’t do what it says, the easier it will be to keep doing that and pretty soon you’ll read God’s Word and not be changed by it.

Wow.  That is a REALLY profound truth.

When we ignore the authority of God’s Word in our lives, we quickly slip into making ourselves our own god and begin deciding for ourselves our own moral compass and direction to follow. (Which I have talked about before here.)

There is a difference between sinning out of ignorance and blatantly choosing sin after being convicted over it.

Satan is sneaky and quick.  Sometimes we read scripture, for example, on forgiveness. Someone may pop into our mind, and immediately we resolve that this particular situation is different. And barely allow the conviction to present itself.

Other times, we read scripture, for example, about confessing our sins publicly. And we just decide right then, we’re not going to do that.

I cringe at the thought that is might be becoming easier and easier for me to ignore God’s convictions and authority in my life by treating scripture passively.  Working on convictions is really hard.  It requires dying to self, letting go of pride, giving up control, facing judgement and ridicule, and possibly some heavy persecution.  But I firmly believe if it keeps getting easier to ignore conviction if that becomes our habit, then the opposite must be true.  It will be easier to keep facing my convictions if I keep doing it and so changing to become more Christ-like.

Here is my resolve.

Practical Application:

Stop reading past scripture that convicts me.

Make a choice not to move on, but stick to the same passage for hours, days, weeks or even months if that is how long it takes to fully deal with the conviction at hand.

Pray for courage to walk out this new committment because surely the Lord will bring sections of scripture to me that I have ignored Him on before. (Which will probably result in a few more confessions on this blog! Ack!)

Anybody with me on this?


3 Responses to “It just gets easier.”

  1. RaZella September 17, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    Wow, that is a deep practice. To STOP when reading a passage or something and deal with the conviction before moving on. I LIKE IT!!! I know for me, my biggest conviction has been Pride lately. I’m discovering I had pride in areas I never realized was pride! (I was shrugging it off as “because of this” or “because of that”. NOPE.. IT’S BECAUSE OF ME BEING PRIDEFUL!) This is def some food for thought, and I hope the next time I am meditating on the word and feel conviction, that I’ll think “Girl.. time to STOP and SIT right here for a bit!”

    • kaylagulick September 17, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

      This is one that will totally take some intention from me. I know even though my eyes have been open to this, I’ll still want to move past out of habit. I’d appreciate the prayers on this one that I’ll follow through with my own application!!

      And I’m no stranger to the pride issue myself! Good luck!


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