Why? How? When?

18 Sep

My oldest son is obsessed with asking questions.  All kids ask questions.  Especially, WHY?  But he puts my other three kids to shame when it comes to this skill.

If you’ve never seen a movie before, I would not recommend watching it with him.  You’ll miss the entire movie.  From the very start, he’ll be talking NON-STOP.  Who is that?  What is he doing?  Why is he doing that?  Where are they?  What is going to happen next? Does the other person know he’s doing that?

If that was the worst of it, I’d just quit watching movies, but that isn’t the only time this occurs.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear something like, “Why is the grass green?”  me- “I’m not sure, because God made it that color I suppose.”  “Well, why green, why not another color?” me-“because green was the color God decided would be best.” “Well, what would make Him think that is the best color?” me- ” I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!! The grass is green, it is always going to be green, and I have no idea why God thought it would be best, but He did, so it’s green, and we’re not going to change it by talking about it for 15 minutes.”

The other night he was sitting beside me while I was trying to work on something, and he started in with the questions.  I always start out calm but I grew frustrated and before long he moved over to talk to my husband.  Right then and there, God came right down, shoved me deep into the couch and gave me a spiritual talking to.

What a blessing that my son

1.) Talks to me.

2.) Brings his questions to me.

3.) Believes I have answers to help him.

4.) Trusts that I’ll be honest with him.

5.) Isn’t afraid to sound stupid in front of me.

The fact that my son asks questions about his questions is not all the sudden going to become less annoying or frustrating just because I realize all those truths. It is still going to drive me up the wall at times.  But the way I answer him now, is going to make all the difference in the world when the questions change from “Are we 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 of the way there yet?” to “why should we save sex until marriage?” or “what should I do about friends doing things I don’t agree with?” or “how can I possibly wait to purchase something without taking out a loan, everyone has loans. What’s the big deal?”

I’m undoubtedly going to have to work hard at this one because as a mom, who has a really selfish and prideful heart, I can get really annoyed easily when I’m being interrupted or “bothered” in the middle of something I’m doing, but there is too much reality for the future at stake here to ignore this.

Practical Application:

Be mindful of the blessings in being the one my son comes to when asking his questions.

Allow him the chance to ask without making him feel like he’s stupid, annoying or a burden.

Apologize when I do blow it, take a deep breath, and give him my attention again.


I actually just chuckled because most of my practical applications I feel are do-able.  And this one is seriously going to be a really big challenge.



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