As is

26 Sep

I thought I’d leave the “As is” sermon alone since I first mentioned it in this recent post, but I can’t just yet.

You know the scripture “17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

This verse is true.  And there is nothing we can do to make it untrue.

However, Satan (from the VERY beginning) has mastered ways to prevent us from accepting this as true.

Let me explain.  So many humans define themselves by the way they see themselves.  This includes a vast majority of Christians too.

This in and of itself wouldn’t be a problem if we saw ourselves the way God sees us, but often we don’t see ourselves that way at all.  We see ourselves in light of a list that looks like this:

1.) Our past failures.

2.) Our current temptations and struggles.

3.) What people say about us.

4.) How those we seek the approval of rate our performance.

5.) How our enemies talk about us.

6.) The words our parents have impressed upon us.

7.) The way our boss treats us.

8.) The lies that Satan whispers to us about our weaknesses.

9.) How we measure up next to someone else.

10.) How valuable we think our gifts and talents are to the world.

Clearly, this list is not exhaustive.  Sadly, I could keep going for hours. Different variations of the same lies, boundaries, traps and strong-holds.

When I heard the sermon a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure I knew my “As Is” condition well.  It had me suffocated to a near death state for over 10 years.

Without going into a 50 page essay on my past, I can sum it up pretty clearly in saying, I had a group of people who did not like me at all.  Details aside, they made it very obvious, hurt me deeply in many ways, and I relinquished my entire life to their control.

I thought about them all the time, constantly having conversations in my own mind consisting of what they might be saying or thinking about me or worse, telling others about me.  I made decisions on places I would go, people I would talk to, and activities I would join (including Bible Studies) based on if I’d have to see them.  I was never able to be myself and made myself sick with worry over everything I might say within earshot of them and how they’d take it or twist it. I felt sick with anxiety and depression that I wasn’t good enough and everyone would eventually see me the way they saw me.

I carried around my own list of sins against this group of people in return.  Innocent, I was not.  Trapped is a spot-on definition.

Praise God for giving me the power to express forgiveness in a way I thought only Jesus truly was capable of doing.  Especially in my particular circumstance.  And to God be the glory that this situation has finally in the last 6 months found some peaceable resolution, aside from just my forgiving and forfeiting my hate and taking back my self-worth.

But then while I was out on the mower yesterday, it hit me.  I did not have just one “AS IS” frame of mind.

I had an “AS IS” that although I had dealt with, still kept me from facing my past and the people from it.  I did a 5 part series (starting here) on this which contains some of the best lessons the Lord has graciously taught me in regards to letting go of the past, correctly placing the blame, and walking in freedom.

I also have an “AS IS” as a wife.  Which I’m currently in the process of growing and studying to become the respectful, necessary help-meet my husband truly needs and desires to make him complete in Christ.

And if I’m honest, I need to delve into my “AS IS” as a mother.  My darn selfishness still controls a good majority of my battle in this area.

The enemy is constantly tearing us down in every possible area we can claim freedom in Christ.

If we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, WE ARE A NEW CREATION.

We’re a royal priesthood, a co-heir with Christ, and a SAINT! (Also NOT an exhaustive list!)

There is no way what we believe of ourselves can be truth if we’re a believer if it completely contradicts what God says of us.

What do you believe about yourself?  What is your AS IS?  Who have you given the power to define you? What past sins still leave you guilt-ridden? What current struggles leave you feeling like a complete failure?

Practical Application:

~Sit down with a pen and paper and write out your “AS IS” and how you came to that conclusion.  (This is will take a while, maybe several days or weeks if you really meditate and are TOTALLY honest.)

~Take it one step at a time, but reject and work on exposing the lies of the “AS IS” condition of your heart so you can truly own the truth of God’s word, accept it in your soul, and start walking it out with confidence.  (Just a personal tip, I think counseling is a GREAT tool to tap into for all people and really helps in this area of seeing things you aren’t seeing on your own!)

If we want to grow in Christ and be effective in the Kingdom, we have to believe God, and expose Satan’s lies.  It starts with us looking at ourselves before we can make a difference anywhere else.



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