Why ‘Lessons of Mercy’?

11 Oct

Most people walk around living double standards all the time and never even know it.

I did it for, well…. I’m still alive right now so we’ll say, all of my life.

About a year ago I came up with this name because it truly fits the story of my life.  I’d like to paint a few scenarios for you.

~~ I can’t stand her.  She’s nasty and evil and so horribly mean to me.  She uses jabs to humiliate me publicly and spends so much time slandering my name behind my back, I’d be surprised if anyone in a 50 mile radius of her could possibly believe I’m anything but a malicious, lying, terrible person.  The thought of her makes me anxious and angry. Panic takes over my body if I have to be in the same room as this person.  I wish I never had to see her again.


~~ I don’t understand why my husband is so selfish.  He doesn’t meet my needs.  Even when I tell him specifically things that I want from him, he can’t even do that for me.  His priorities are all out of whack.  He doesn’t value most what he should or spend enough time doing the things that deserve his attention. I work all day too, and he doesn’t help with cleaning, laundry or dishes.  He’s so insensitive. I wish he’d change.


~~ How can they call themselves Christians?  Seriously, where is the justification behind actions like that? They don’t even read their Bible and they claim to be following Christ. Drop the act. Living a secret life that they don’t expose to those they go to church with, that’s hypocrisy in true form.  They’re lukewarm.  I don’t even respect them anymore.


OK- so it isn’t like I “talked” out loud like this 24/7.  I wasn’t a nasty person.  But that doesn’t mean my thought life wasn’t consumed with this type of garbage.

Yes, garbage.  I’d say my first lesson in mercy came when I actually saw myself in the spot light of being “wrongly labeled” about 5 years ago.   And with time, God was able to show me how self-absorbed, unloving and unmerciful I was.

First and foremost, I did not in any way shape or form really and truly understand LOVE.  Love is not concerned with self.  Love is selflessly concerned about others.

Secondly, I wasn’t broken over my own sin.  I accepted my sin. Excused my sin.  And totally ignored my sin (and past sins.)

Third, I’d never grasped exactly what it looked like and what it took for Christ to have mercy on me.

Putting all that together (which took a number of years) I can now see the picture with eyes outside of my simple line of vision.

The moment I realized (and not just repeated because everyone says this) really and truly realized how much I’ve sinned against God, broke His heart, purposely chose to be disobedient and spit in His face to walk in my own direction…even AFTER accepting His Son’s Death for my salvation; was the moment I started looking at everyone else differently.

I did/do not deserve the mercy shown me by a God who loves so selflessly that He accepted His own rejection and keeps showing me His favor.  And not for attention or because He’s putting on a show for others.  But because He’s so sincere.  It brings me to tears every time I talk about it.

I’ve been given a bitter-sweet lesson in mercy and it changed my life.

It gave me the courage to stop caring what the world thinks.

And it taught me how to LOVE others and to extend the same MERCY shown to me.

Practical Application:

I don’t know how to advice anyone to really taste the mercy shown them, but it started with me by truly being broken over my sin and really naming what I have done to God and against God, both intentionally and unintentionally.


Once you feel mercy, you show mercy.  And you’ll never be the same.


2 Responses to “Why ‘Lessons of Mercy’?”

  1. The Water Bearer October 11, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    I am so sorry that I keep doing this, I told myself that it seems very insincere and like a marketing plug, but genuinely that is not my motivation, so I am going to have to do it again… I am giving you another link …Sorry, but you will understand when you read it…Please read my post
    It was a huge lesson for me to learn remorse and to break the cycle of lies I have believed all my life… It will give you much confirmation to what you have shared here…
    Blessings to you Sweet Sister! 😉


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