It doesn’t have to be offensive, it can be AWESOME!

21 Oct

Have you looked around the world today and noticed that there just aren’t very many gentlemen walking among us?

Some would blame men for this.  I, however, think women are largely to blame (though not solely.)

Friday night, I surprised my husband with a date night.

*On a side note, I really, really, really dislike movies… but I knew that he was really looking forward to seeing “Here Comes The Boom” so I decided that is what we’d do.  At supper when the kids were asking “Where are you guys going?” Daddy said “I’m guessing the movies.”  When the kids said, “Mommy doesn’t like movies” Josh replied by saying, “Yes, but she really loves Daddy.”  Let me just say, he is right.  And surprisingly, I loved the movie.  It was clean.  I didn’t notice any language (and I am a language nazi.) There wasn’t any sexual content or nudity.  And there was Christianity woven through-out (and not in the typical fashion of doggin’ on or making it look foolish.) So women, if you have a hubby who loves movies, and you struggle to share his taste for entertainment… give this one a shot!

OK, back to my point. On our date, Josh opened my car door, EVERY time.  And I LOVE that!

I’m going to talk on that subject for just a second, but we’ll elaborate to a larger point as well.

Have you ever stopped to think about why more men don’t do things like open car doors?  Could it have something to do with women’s’ rights? Think about it.  Are we not always preaching and protesting that women are equal to men.  Not only can we do the things men can do, but we can do it better most of the time.  We don’t need a man’s help.  And it is offensive when they treat us like we do.

I can open my own car door.  In fact, I do it numerous times every single day.  And Josh knows that I can open my own car door.  He isn’t opening the door to demean me or because he thinks I’m not capable.  He’s opening the car door to fulfill a need of his own.  He is showing me he is desperately in love with me by proving that he will serve me in every way, that he longs to provide for me, and he will protect me in the dark parking lot and make sure I’m safe.

Not every time that women are put into a position of being under the service of a man is it an indication that they are incapable or inferior.  Men have a God-given bent to serve, provide and protect, and we as women have robbed them of fulfillment of this need by demanding to be equals.

They never felt like we weren’t equals.  They treated us as if we were BETTER than them. Did you catch that?

You don’t allow your wife to stay home and provide financially for her if she is not as worthy as you.

You don’t open car doors for someone who is just an equal.

And you don’t protect (including emotionally) by handling committee meetings, church meetings, family problems, and all other decision-making, public speaking, and private matters, someone who you don’t care if they are hurt, embarrassed or belittled.

We women don’t talk about life in those terms.  We say things like “I don’t need my husband’s approval.”  “I can handle this situation on my own.”  “I deserve equal opportunities and equal pay.”  “I have a right to speak my mind whenever and wherever I have something to say.”

With an attitude like that, I’d be afraid if I was a man to serve a woman like that.

We’ve not only deprived ourselves of watching our husbands love us but also eliminated the fulfillment of some of their deepest needs in this life.

And to top it all off, we blame them.  They are lazy, low-life, worthless men who hardly deserve our respect at all.  Virtually every television show based on comedy will prove to be a classy example of this.

Practical Application:

Start in my own home to change this lousy pattern.  Not only encourage my husband to fulfill his needs, PRAISE HIM for it!!!!

Actually enjoy how good it feels to be served, instead of allowing Satan to whisper that I can do it myself, and do it better.

Be an example to others watching, and encourage those whom I have relationships with to change the patterns in their homes as well.  (It won’t go unnoticed when he opens car doors.  Most men don’t.  And making sure the world sees me give him a great big kiss and smile speaks louder than even blog posts like this one.)


My friend, April, has a vision and I’m on board with her.  She says “If a few women can change the role of women (sexual, disrespectful, proud, sinful) then God can use a few women to turn it back around.




6 Responses to “It doesn’t have to be offensive, it can be AWESOME!”

  1. Jess (JK) October 22, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    I’ve thought this for years but you put it better than I ever could have.

  2. peacefulwife October 22, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    Beautiful!!!!!!! I love this! And I agree, allowing men to treat us with respect like we are precious and priceless ladies to be cherished is NOT demeaning! It is really what we long for! To be deeply loved, cherished, protected and well- provided for!

    Great post!

    • kaylagulick October 22, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

      Thanks April! When we can see it in the proper light, it seems so silly that it would ever feel demeaning to anyone EVER! We just have to keep speaking out against Satan’s rapid lies!

  3. Peren November 4, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Feminists are stupid. Feminists their opinions stupid to women more harm than help. In the past – men were chivalrous / gallant to women, women had no formal rights were happier than women today. Feminists have destroyed the old beautiful world where they were gallant men and beautiful fine women.

    • Kayla Gulick November 4, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

      Yes, many women who fight for rights are unhappy, and never find what they think they are looking for. It can only be found in Christ!

      Thank you for your response!

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