Raising Daughters….

2 Nov

This post is dedicated to a very, very dear couple to my heart who just found out they will be having a third daughter in a few months… to my other friends who are raising girls that I might not have shared this with…. and all of you who have a house full of girls.

I know that I shared not long ago that when we found out we were having a third son, my husband had to speak truth to my heart to help me fight the disappointment of not having a little girl.  He said “There are not many godly men in the world today, and God has entrusted 3 to us, so He must believe we can do a good job raising them.”

And he was right.  There aren’t many godly men… and the world needs godly men!!!!

However, I need to be more honest here.  More than godly men, the world needs godly women.

Here is the bottom line.  Women are easily deceived.  Just like Eve in the garden 6,000 years ago.  Adam was not deceived, but he was so very easily controlled by his desire to go along with and please his wife.  That desire is a GREAT gift given to men.  It helps them love women the way Christ loves the Church.

But, if the power of the women using it are abusive with this gift, it will cause destruction and disobedience to God.  Which Eve demonstrated so vividly.  And Sarah, telling Abraham to just say she is his sister.  And Delilah getting Samson to tell her the source of his strength and then allowing him to be attacked. (I could go on… and on…. and on.)

It only took a few women to set the entire world on a course of sheer evil.  The feminist movement was not started by the masses.  But by the slick talk, and enticing way they made sin look SSSOOOO empowering and even right in the eyes of equality, the more we became a self-loving, self-serving and rebellious nation in America (and all across the world really.)

Raising a daughter is a God-given gift that the Lord absolutely does not grant lightly.  No matter how many godly men are walking this Earth, if no godly women are present, they will have no one to lead, no one to respect them, and no real companionship.

A woman after the heart of God is modest, self-controlled, patient, respectful, not at all demanding of rights, realizes her husband is her authority and protection and she LOVES that, self-less, humble, honest, not manipulative, doesn’t use sex for attention or as a weapon, desire to serve, and is obedient to scripture in every way.

If the entire world can be led astray because of a few women… then a few women can set a new standard of godly living that starts an incredible movement forward bringing the rebellion back in check and sets us on a new path of submission to the Word of God.

Just a few little girls, whose daddy and mommy are chosen – hand-picked by God with this GINORMOUS honor and responsibility to raise them into beautiful women rooted deeply in truth and willing to be a light in this dark world, no matter the cost.

T & B,

I just wanted to personally tell you that God would not have given you this reality if He didn’t know exactly what you’re capable of doing together as parents in the lives of your three little girls.  God is sovereign.  He knows our deepest needs before we even know them.  And this little girl is one day going to bring an amount of glory and honor to her risen King that no other child ever could.  She is going to have talents and spiritual gifts that are needed to complete God’s plan, for ALL of us, not just her. And honestly, who knows what the Lord has in store for the two of you.  My hearts prayer is that what He alone wills for your lives, is the only will you are faithful to walk, laying all you have down at his feet, – any financial, emotional, or physical needs, any desires or plans, and any hopes and dreams.  His power and purpose will be magnified as a witness to all of what total submission to the Savior looks like, and the blessings and rewards that are given to believers will fall on you as a testimony to the world.

Congratulations on your newest little girl/blessing!  I can’t wait to see her life unfold and sing the praises of the Savior who made her for such a time as this.

Love you guys!

Practical Application –

Look at your kids today as if each of them has a GOD GIVEN purpose.

Kiss you little boys and let them know that they are going to grow up to be incredible men of leadership and integrity.

And hold those little girls and pray over them for God can use them to turn the course of this world around from rebellion to worship!


4 Responses to “Raising Daughters….”

  1. Beth November 2, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    Thanks Kayla! WE are very excited for another little princess!

    • Kayla Gulick November 2, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

      You already know you make adorable children : )

  2. Dreams Of Dunamis November 4, 2012 at 1:56 am #

    Hi Kayla,
    I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. (http://dreamsofdunamis.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/reader-appreciation-award/) I have enjoyed reading your posts, and wanted to let my readers know about your blog!
    (To accept the nomination, just follow the instructions in the link above…)
    Blessings to you and your family,
    C. Dunamis

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