Temptations come with personality traits….

19 Nov

Last night at church we took a personality test.  It’s format followed the DISC personalities & traits concept.  I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to find a free version online with the results included without much luck, so I PROMISE I’ll get back on here and type up the test when I have more time later today, I just can’t get there right now.  It isn’t long, and it’d be something (after reading this post) you might want to do with your spouse.

I wasn’t at all shocked by the results of the test.  Nor by my husbands results.  We knew these things about ourselves.  However, for some reason last night, I really started reflecting on what that means for me as a female Christian, and as a wife.

I’m not going to give you my results, because if you’re never taken the test before, I don’t want to already tip you off as to what everything means and slightly skew your answers.  You have to answer quickly and honestly.  Not “how you think you should answer.”

At any rate, I’m a Dominant Extrovert.  I don’t mind the spot light. I go with the flow easily.  I love to complete tasks, even multiple tasks at a time. I am never afraid of a group on people.  And I can heavily influence a crowd with my vocal and assertive teaching abilities.

My husband is a Task oriented Introvert.  He likes order. He works hard on one task at a time.  He doesn’t do well when schedules are changed up quickly or routines are broken. And he does NOT like large crowds.

If you haven’t figured it out… we are EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE!!!! Yeah, yeah, opposites attract.  Look, we’ve been married 10 1/2 years… I’m not concerned with that part of it.  Neither of us is scared off by it.

The problem comes in when, I realize I have to fight my natural personality to be a better wife, and female in some situations.

I have the tendency when a question is asked to speak right up and answer it.  No matter if the question was asked to me, someone else, or my husband.  In fact, especially my husband.  I know he’s not as social as I am, so it’s nothing for me to talk right over top of him.  Not only does that silence him, but it puts me in the position of leadership by answering before we’ve talked something over in private if it’s a new question to us.

I might also mention we took a spiritual gifts class last night.  We had already studied spiritual gifts, so this wasn’t something new to us and we already knew what our gifts were.  But I’ll share with you that mine are prophecy and teaching.

So lets complex things further.  Scripture paints a very clear picture for us that women are to be submissive to their husbands and men in authority over them, and they are not to teach men.

And here I am, a Dominant Female with the gift of Teaching.

Part of me LOVES that… because it’s my personality and gift.

And another part of me HATES that! BECAUSE of the temptation that comes along with mis-using my personality and spiritual gifts.

We were created by God and for God to complete good works He prepared in advance for us to do.  So, God purposed my personality and my spiritual gifts so I can complete assignments He prepared for me to do.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be tempted to try to complete other people assignments for them, and even call it good.

My personality would be such the type to teach large classes or men and women, or even become a preacher.  In today’s feminist culture, I’d be ushered in with open arms in many groups and even told “It’s a good thing you stepped up because the men aren’t doing it.”

Here is the problem with that.  I would have to be disobedient to Scripture AND be completely passive over completing the works God prepared for me, because I’m too busy completing someone elses.  Not every sin or misguided act we commit is a nasty, obvious deed like murder, adultery, or drunkenness.

I have a heart to use my gifts for the purposes God gave them to me for.  I completely desire to be a godly woman and wife. So it’s actually a REALLY GREAT THING that I recognize where my temptations are and name them out loud so I can steer clear and have others hold me accountable when I get too close to stepping over the line.

I’m not going to go deep into this because it isn’t my place to try to name this or teach this.  But I will say this, my husband on the other hand has the opposite problem.  He can be passive and allow me to take the leadership role because he’s naturally introverted and doesn’t like large crowds or new people that well.

I got the chance to put this into practice last night… RIGHT after class!  A guy came running out to the car to ask Josh a question.  Josh seemed a little passive in his response so I said “Go ahead, tell him your concern about the distance.”  And then I took my kids and went to the car.

I had to get the heck out of there before I talked overtop of him.  I knew he was capable of answering for himself, and I knew he could do it if I wasn’t there to do it for him.

And it worked!  I kept myself from controlling the situation and he had a nice chat with the guy who asked HIM the question.

Practical Application:

Take the personality test.

Give thanks for the personality God gave me.

Compare my personality against who I am in Christ and what scripture says about me.

Purpose my life in a manner that lets my personality shine while completing the works God has for me.


CHECK BACK LATER- I’ll get the test on here for you!! Maybe even in a new post!



2 Responses to “Temptations come with personality traits….”

  1. Diana (@AFragileClayJar) November 19, 2012 at 8:03 am #

    I really could relate to this post because I am very much how you described here. This is an area where I struggle to find balance between the personality God gave me, and how to use it correctly for his good works, according to his Word. I look forward to the test.


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