These roots run deep…

6 Dec

It was NOT my plan to revisit bitterness tonight.  Funny how God doesn’t let our plans guide His plans.

I NEED to revisit bitterness tonight… and God used a special and dear friend to my heart sharing that she needs to revisit bitterness, for God to gently aggressively point out that I too, need to spend some time on this issue.

The roots of bitterness run D E E P.  Most of us who have dealt with this issue, try to rip the plant out, and somehow, we get that stubborn plant that breaks off just under the surface, but doesn’t bring up the entire root system.  You know how fast a weed grows the first time? It grows TWICE as fast when the root system is still in place and it just needs to poke back through the ground.

The exact same truth applies to bitterness.  When the root system is in place, we can forgive (and truly mean it) on a surface level, but when the root receives a touch of water, the bitterness comes back with a vengeance.  And this time, we and even MORE prone to miss it, because we still think we pulled it out the first time when we broke it off just under the surface.

Have you ever seen just one lone weed?  If you have, you might be the only person who has ever seen that.  Weeds spread VERY easily.  They seed quickly and aggressively. Where there is one weed, there are 20 weeds.

Again, bitterness is no different.  Bitterness will drop the seeds of unforgiveness, anger, resentment, jealousy, judgement, pride, and others within a matter of hours, and left unattended, will not stop dropping seeds for a lifetime.

So how can you know if bitterness exists in your life?

My friends and I were tossing some truths around via email today… and I’m going to share them with you.

– I’m angry with someone.

– I feel tense at just the mention of his/her name.

– I have anxiety if I have to see them.

– I can justify my actions toward them.

– I puff with pride when discussing how I’d never handle things the way they do or at how much better I am than them. (Especially spiritually speaking.)

– I make jokes about them.

– I worry about what they think of me.

– I assume they never think any goodwill of me or my family.

– I want to or often gossip about that person.

– I fear the person.

– I  want to avoid that person and will even go out of my way to NOT see them or have to talk to them.

– I  assume the worst about them.

– I want to judge and criticize them personally and all their actions and decisions.

– I can’t forgive them for what they’ve done.


We’ll be able to talk more about how to handle this (confess and repent) in the future.

For tonight’s practical application…

It’s just simply time to NAME IT, if this sin belongs to you (AND me!) Let’s call it out and stop pretending we aren’t really bitter, if we are still bitter.




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