23 Dec

It never ceases to amaze me, every time I read the Christmas Story, I just stand in awe of Joseph.

It’s important to take note of and remember that Joseph (and every other Biblical Figure) are still just humans.  Even if the only accounts we see of them are practically super-natural, that doesn’t mean they were without sin or struggle.  We don’t have a full documentary of anyone’s life (including every thought they have ever thought) so we need to be very careful of making idols and judgements about people on small clips of what we do know.

(This is a great lesson to apply in all our relationships!)

Anyway, what I do know about Joseph still deserves some praise! Especially because we do know that at least some of the real, natural human thoughts did cross his mind, and yet he still did what he knew the Lord was leading him to do.

I can’t always say that for myself.  There have been times that if it requires embarrassment, pain, humility, giving up something, judgement, patience, and a slew of other emotions and actions, then I end up doing it my way or what makes things easiest for myself.

Joseph’s fiance comes to him, and says “I’m pregnant.” He knows that he had not had intercourse with her, so this baby did not come from him.  Most men would have had her stoned to death. But Joseph was just going to divorce her quietly.

He then has a visit from an angel (which no doubt, helped his unbelief.) And he stays with Mary and protects her with his actions. And then, here is the real kicker.  He doesn’t even have intercourse with his wife until she gave birth to Jesus.

None of these actions could have been his personal desire.  I’m thinking, even if I knew I was going to carry the Savior of the world, but I had to tell my husband that he isn’t the one who got me pregnant, and face everyone else, I just don’t know that I’d say “Bring it on.”

Nor would I as a man want to believe my pregnant, but not by me, fiance and accept the child with open arms.

This couple really is extraordinary and perfect for the job they were given.

Practical Application:

Read about Joseph and Mary.

Reflect on what you’ve read.

And then reflect on the jobs the Lord has given you that you’ve been perfect for.


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