A quick Christmas thought….

24 Dec

I’ve been challenged recently to try to think of life through my children’s eyes.

Fo example, why are they throwing a temper-tantrum?  Have they tried to express a need or desire and they are either being ignored, or told no? I know we think we’re above this as adults, but we aren’t.  While we might not throw ourselves on the floor and cry, we often throw fits in our own ways (pouting, silent treatment, grudge, dirty looks, thinking mean things) or we take matters into our own hands and either go get what it is we want or find a way to fulfill the desire. (I’m not saying we should let the kids throw temper-tantrums!! But maybe try to get to the root of WHY they are, and not just punish harshly.)

Anyway- what I want to share this morning as a challenge to myself and maybe to some of my readers….

SPEND CHRISTMAS, YES, the ENTIRE day, all 16 hours that the kids are awake, PLAYING with the kids. And if you can spend more than just that day, DO IT!!

Do you realize how many hours in a day our kids are working on submitting to what we say?  Sometimes very valuable lessons, and sometimes just preferences and commands that fit into our own agenda for the moment, hour, day, week.

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly telling my kids “Pick that up, keep your voices down, sit still, behave, no hitting, no running, don’t scream, use your manners, do your chores, help clean up the house, go play that in the other room, maybe later, I’m busy working on something else right now, just a minute, be patient.”

I’m going to take a whole day to say “What can I play with you? Show me your favorite new Christmas present.  Tell me a story, no matter how long and detailed it is, I’ll listen to you.  I have time for you.  You don’t have to clean for today, let’s just play. ”

Anyone with me?

Practical Application:

See how it goes.  Maybe it’ll lead to an hour a day, EVERY day of this same pattern?


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