“I feel pretty”

12 Jan

You know, a lot of my posts have been pretty heavy lately in regards to what the Lord is helping me work on; so tonight, I’m going to tone it down a bit (while staying on topic) and share some ways that I’ve noticed help me feel “pretty.”

If you’re like me, you don’t feel pretty very often.  Between the constant onslaught of “fake beauty” that is EVERYWHERE, the wear and tear of (4) kids, the constant cleaning, dishes and laundry, and on and on and on…  it’s easy to feel rundown and drab.

The truth though is that I have a better attitude and am much more attentive to my husband when I’m feeling “pretty”.  (READ – PRETTY does NOT mean slutty, perfect, over-done, or blemish free.)

Things that help make me feel pretty:  (PLEASE by all means, ADD YOURS IN THE COMMENTS because we all can benefit from each others suggestions!!)

1.) A shower.

2.) Perfume or smelly lotion.  I don’t know why exactly, but smelling good makes me feel 10 X’s more pretty : )

3.) Getting dressed in nice clothes.  Especially if I can wear a skirt or dress – feeling feminine makes a HUGE difference.

4.) Smiling.  That might sound silly, but smiling is attractive!!

5.) Thinking/Meditating on positive features/habits/behaviors/traits about my husband.  WHAT???? Did I just write that?  Yes I did!  When I feel loving toward him, I feel more attractive just by the overwhelming feelings of attraction to him.

6.) Speaking lovingly toward others. Don’t think that is one?  Start screaming at your kids and then tell me how pretty you feel?!

7.) Make-up.  Sorry to all those who find “natural beauty” to be holy… I feel 1,000 times better when I brighten up my face a little (and cover all the things I’m self-conscious about!)

8.) Exercising.  While I really struggle to get myself to do it… I always feel better when I do!  Especially just taking walks when the weather is right!!

9.) Responding to a conviction.  Typically, I don’t immediately feel pretty while realizing my sin- in fact I feel horribly UGLY! BUT… once I deal with something and remove more sin from my life, I instantly feel more beautiful.

10.) Heels.  OK- I so should have put this as number one.  I’m thinking of changing it, but I don’t feel like fixing all the numbers.  I’m short.  And I feel like a child next to adults.  When I’m in heels, I feel better – more “grown-up” if you will.  I LOVE HEELS!!!


Alright ya’ll… what do you got?


2 Responses to ““I feel pretty””

  1. Emily C January 14, 2013 at 7:04 am #

    I so agree with the shower and smelly lotion. One of my favorite new ways to pamper myself is the clearance sales at bath and body works…and if I’m really lucky I might even pay full price for a good bottle (but I really love a good sale!). There’s something about moisturizing every day with a scent that I LOVE that really makes me feel attractive.

    Also agree with the makeup and would add “doing” my hair. Whatever I can do to not look like a “frump-a-lump” gives me more confidence and my husband enjoys it too.

    I feel very pretty when I play with my kids and can laugh with them (kind of put down the disciplinary and teaching roles and just have fun) or when I can laugh with/at my husband ( not in a bad way but in a playful/fun/you’re cute way)…

    I also feel pretty when I do random acts of kindness. I think it puts an extra spring in my step to do something small and random for someone else. I tend to feel really good when I help others.

    Good list and good reminders! It can be easy to forget the power that we have over ourselves with these small things 🙂

    • Kayla Gulick January 14, 2013 at 7:34 am #

      Good one with the laughing! So true!!! And the random acts of kindness lift my spirits too!

      Thanks for adding those!!!

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