Never underestimate little acts of service

11 Feb

I’m in the middle of a Bible Study with a wonderful group of women whom I love deeply, and we’re reading the book “Surrender” By: Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Tonight’s chapter was on being so fully surrendered that your life becomes a continual outpouring of 25 cent deposits daily.

Sometimes we aren’t even aware of how partially surrendered we are really living.  We love God.  We want to serve Him.  We are even looking for opportunities to witness and serve often.  And we even have a weekly or monthly contribution that is a big sacrifice for us already in place.

I’m not interested in taking anything away from that!!  If we’re tithing, supporting a radio station, sponsoring a child, supporting a missionary, helping at a local food bank – those things are all SO needed, and immeasurably valued in God’s eyes.  Those things are all Kingdom work being done by saints!

But, I’m realizing that often, we get focused on the bigger contributions and either

1.) desire to do those because they seem more valuable, needed or sacrificial


2.) feel like what we’re doing is pretty big and we don’t have any more time, money, resources, energy to give anything else.

This book REALLY punched me in the chest tonight to reevaluate  those two statements.

A truly, 100%, sold out, hold nothing back, surrendered life says I can make constant 25 cent deposits for the King because His well never runs dry and He’s my source for EVERYTHING! All those 25 cent contributions will add up to an eternal life worth millions.

What do I mean by 25 cent contributions?

Anything that requires me to put myself aside (deny myself something be it time, money, energy) and serve someone else – above my minimum responsibilities.

When I stop and think about it, I feel sold out for Christ and completely surrendered, until I listen to some of my own statements.

“I really don’t feel like”

“In a minute, I’m really busy”

“I’m not sure I have time for”

“Ugh, she’s weird.  I don’t want to have to go out for lunch with her and have an awkward time.”

“I’ve kinda got a lot going on in my life right now”

“I really can’t afford”

I’m not about to say that our lives should be packed to the point that we neglect our first responsibilities and callings.  If you’re a wife and mother, then those 25 cent deposits can and SHOULD be made first to your husband and children before you look beyond that.  But chances are, if you’re anything like me, even though I have a husband and 4 kids, there are 25 cent deposits that I keep in my pocket because I place little value on them and I’m still so darn selfish and not surrendered fully and completely that I feel I have the right to reserve a few choices to myself, instead of letting Christ make every decision and fill and equip me with everything I need.

Sometimes God calls us to inconveniences that only seems worth 25 cents and practically worth passing up, that is, until we stand in eternity and realize the fortunes we could have had if we hadn’t passed up numerous 25 cent deposits every day.

Practical Application:

Every time I say “no” during the day, stop immediately and ask myself why I said no.  Did I say no because it was in the best interest of someone else for me to say no (For example, my child wants to use a knife at too young of an age) or because it’s going to cost me something and I’m not surrendered to the Lord enough to love beyond my selfishness to give of it?

Look around this week; how many teeny tiny ways is the Lord actually already prompting me to serve that will deposit 25 cents somewhere?



2 Responses to “Never underestimate little acts of service”

  1. askthebigot February 12, 2013 at 12:36 am #

    Ugh! You got me! So well said. So needed. Thank you.

    • Kayla Gulick February 12, 2013 at 6:56 am #

      I’m with you! I’m certain with the conviction though, we’ll both grow and conquer!

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