Picking up other people’s offenses.

22 Feb

If all you ever hear about someone comes from his/her enemy, chances are, all you know about him/her is the mistakes they’ve made and how someone else perceived those mistakes.

You’re usually not hearing anything about what the person speaking to you may or may not have done to the other person they are talking about to participate or encourage the negative behavior, but you’ll get explicit details about the failures of the person that has hurt them or that they don’t like.

We REALLY need to caution ourselves from forming opinions about people when 90% of what we know about them is negative.  Let me be VERY clear about this.  VERY, VERY, VERY few people who walk this Earth are 90% evil and malicious.  EVERYONE is SO MUCH MORE than the mistakes that they make and the hurt feelings they’ve caused.

Imagine your enemy painting a picture of you.  Would it be accurate to who you really are as a person?

Tomorrow night is going to be tricky for me.

I knew a girl who I started to build a friendship with.  She then created a much more intense and deeper friendship with some who didn’t like me AT ALL!  Quickly, this girl changed her opinions of me.  And I never heard from her again and started getting dirty looks and the cold shoulder.

About 6-8 months ago, she spoke to a mutual friend of ours and basically questioned her on if she should be friends with me.  It felt like  a betrayal to the friend of theirs that doesn’t like me at all, whom they should be *more* loyal to.  And based on what she had heard about me (NOT by experience, SOLELY by someone elses opinions) she felt I was a bad friend, couldn’t be trusted, and wasn’t worthy to be around.

Thankfully, my really awesome friend told her in a kind way that she wasn’t going to talk about me, and she was going to maintain a friendship with me.

Well, tomorrow night, it just so happens, I’ll be riding in a car with the mutual friend, and the girl who decided she doesn’t like me (the previous enemy will not be with us) for 40 minutes.

I don’t have any bitter feelings at all.  But I bet she’s going to be squirming in her seat because she told this person that she shouldn’t be friends with me, and yet, she’s going to have to witness first hand that we are indeed, still friends.

Practical Application:

– COVER TOMORROW IN PRAYER! It’s going to be an awkward situation and I really want to be prepared to show grace and mercy in the way that Christ would have me afford this situation.

– Spend some time thinking today about people that I have negative opinions of that are solely or mostly based on the opinions and stories of someone else, (especially those hurt by the person they are talking about!)  Repent of that judgment.  Get my head screwed on straight.  Apologize if needed.


5 Responses to “Picking up other people’s offenses.”

  1. Rachel Self February 22, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    Hope it goes well and that she finally sees the person you REALLY are! I’ll be praying tomorrow, too!

  2. jesuslikespizza February 22, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    Something very similar to this happened to me. I was literally scrolling through my home page, thinking about it and saw your blog title. It’s Interesting how God works 🙂
    Praying for you! Continue to shine Jesus’s like.

    • Kayla Gulick February 22, 2013 at 2:36 pm #

      Thanks for sharing that!! It’s always good to get to hear the times when the Lord encourages the body by allowing them to share similar stories, heart aches, and victories!!

  3. jesuslikespizza February 22, 2013 at 2:34 pm #


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