Better than I know myself….

2 Apr

A couple of weekends ago, one of our Christian single male friends was over having dinner and conversation with us.  Some how in the conversation he asked us a question (first to my husband) and I was surprised by my husbands answer, so I’ll share with you all.

Here’s the question –

Do you think it’s possible to really know someone better than they know themselves?  Do you think she knows you better than you do?  And you know her better than she does?

Here is my husbands reply

Yes.  I think you see yourself differently than others see you.  My wife will tell me how I’m going to do something or how I’ll react and I think “No I won’t” and then I do what she said.

I was thinking that, but I didn’t know he thought that too.

The truth is, we see ourselves through how we want to be and how we wish we were and through our intention.

But others see us through our actions, decisions, habits and behaviors.

This is NEVER more clear than in a marriage relationship.

If you’re curious how you respond to things, how situations make you feel, how you feel about a certain person, how you behave in stressful times, the way you parent, the things you’re addicted to, the way you react to different scenerios….ASK YOUR SPOUSE.  And then, BELIEVE THEM.

His/Her answers might sting, hurt, surprise or frustrate you…. but the truth is – they are right.

Instead of being upset – pray about what you discover.  You’ll learn more about yourself than you realize.  And once your eyes are open to certain things, THAT is when we experience the most change.

Maybe you’ll hear something you really don’t like.  But better to know and change than keep going on in the same way.

I LOVE this quote from the movie “Facing the Giants.”

You can’t judge others by their actions, but judge yourself by your intentions!

Maybe it’s time to find out who you really are…. by your actions – and not by your intentions, or solely on the way you see yourself.

Practical Application –

When you have some time to talk (not when you’re tired, angry, busy or anything like that…. only when you can talk without interruptions and are well rested) have a conversation with your spouse about who you both REALLY are.

Be challenged to change if necessary.


2 Responses to “Better than I know myself….”

  1. gleniece April 7, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

    Your post brought to mind how my husband can just look into my eyes and KNOW if I’m spiritually content or if I’m letting this world get to me. At first, this would really annoy me. But I’ve since learned to accept this as a gift from our wise God that my husband can discern the spirit I choose to follow at any given time. Our husbands truly are a blessing.

    • Kayla Gulick April 7, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

      Amen! That’s a beauitful gift. Thank you for sharing!!

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