Inside the church

4 Apr

Sharing Jesus with others is what life is all about! Nothing else matters at all really in the life of any one person, until he/she knows Christ.  It’s a crucial moment when someone is reconciled to God through Jesus’ work on the cross and made new!

Once that happens – then sharing Jesus (with them) isn’t what life is all about anymore.  Everything changes.  And the new change matters AS MUCH AS seeing someone saved.  It isn’t a distant second, it’s an immediate replacement of importance!! It’s called discipleship.

We aren’t doing the church any favors preaching salvation, giving invitations, and leading people to Christ and then stopping there.

If we don’t disciple each other along, we are too easily persuaded by the world and eaten alive!  If we don’t know what is in God’s Word we can’t know who Jesus is to imitate our lives after His, we can’t know what Jesus’ cared about to care for the same things, and we definitely can’t know when we’re being tricked by people claiming to speak as a Christian but are certainly not Christians at all.

Reading the Bible and understanding that CONTEXT IS KING, as well as understanding that Scripture NEVER contradicts itself, and that the English language brings about faulty translations for us when we don’t do proper word studies, changes EVERYTHING!

I know SO MANY Christians who never read their Bibles.  I use to be one of them years ago.  I never had true communion with the Lord until I started getting in His Word and finding it true and holy.

Division in the church happens ALL THE TIME.  Arguments, confrontations, complaining, disobedience, discord, back-biting, faulty interpretation – and do you know what?  We often put people in leadership roles who have NO BUSINESS being in them.  They aren’t even in God’s Word! They are just good or popular people.

I saw a picture this week that I think explains it well.

No one outside of the church is really making any Christian stumble.  It’s other Christians who were never discipled and are not in God’s Word, or people claiming to be Christians who are not and believe nothing further than God is Love and He accepts everyone, who are confusing everyone!!

wolfPractical Application:

If you aren’t being discipled…. find someone who is in God’s Word, who lives a life by the fruits of the Spirit, and ask them to disciple you!

If you aren’t discipling anyone… pray about who God would have you disciple!  You may not be where you want to be, but you’re father along than when you were first saved.  You have plenty to offer!!!



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