It takes me back.

12 Apr

One night each week, my husband leaves around the time the kids go to bed to play guitar for a few hours.  It’s good for him.  It’s good for me.  It’s good for us.

Here’s my secret little confession….  I use this time to crochet, surf the internet (FB, pinterest, blogs), or sometimes take a nice, long, hot bath — while ALWAYS, the ENTIRE time, listening to music from the 80’s & 90’s.

I haven’t listened to hardly any secular music in the last 5 years because I just love the Christian stations so much. It’s not because I think all secular music is evil or anything like that, I just LOVE to sing and worship through my day with the Christian Stations.

However, when I’m alone once a week, without the kids, without my husband, with no one but myself… I relish the time to listen to and sing along to songs from a much simpler time.

Maybe I miss the freedom?

Maybe I’m realizing now, I grew up fast? (I got married 3 weeks before I turned 19 and had my first child at 21 1/2)

Maybe I’m just curious if *I’m* still there, or if responsibility, chores, stress, and life have stolen all that was spontaneous, funny, and giddy in love?


Sometimes I listen to songs that remind me of being a carefree kid.  Like Goo Goo Doll songs when my friend Jenn (I so hope you’re reading this Jenn) would make up ridiculous dance moves on the band bus and then entertain everyone by dancing and singing during the football games.

Sometimes I listen to songs that remind me of when Josh and I were dating and I realize those overwhelming feelings of love and butterflies are still attainable after all these years.

Sometimes I listen to songs like Matchbox twenty “push” and I’m reminded of friends that after graduation, have died.  And I hope after life took us different directions that they were saved.

There are nights when I listen to songs that were just fun.  I don’t have a specific event that pops in my mind, but if it was a Hootie & the Blowfish or Counting Crows song, I loved it.  Oh, oh and Blessed Union of Souls.

But almost always, every song I ever listen to makes me think of someone.  And that’s important.

I don’t want to go back.  There are plenty of awful things that I spent years and years running from.  And what I have now, it’s beautiful and I love it all so much!  But sometimes a good song can remind you that you still know how to laugh.  You are still madly in love with your husband.  You’re still fun.  You aren’t lost in responsibility and stress.

But more than any of that…. it reminds me to pray for those that come to mind.  I know those people.  My life crossed theirs on purpose.  If I’m not praying for them, who is?  Hopefully others, but if not… then I know that someone is because, I am.

Practical Application:

Start looking at your life as if everyone you knew, know, meet is on purpose.

Pray for them when they come to mind.  Even your enemies.


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