26 Apr

Tonight is our last night in our house.   And I’m reflecting on all the memories.

I have years of memories.  But, there is no way my mind can recall every minute of every day.  So it remembers moments and seasons.

Actually, I’ve heard once that we only use like 20% of our brain, that they are actually capable of incredibly more, but we don’t/can’t tap into it all???  I’m not stating that as fact, but it’s interesting.

Anyway, different things in life will trigger memories, like a song, smell, picture or phrase and sometimes it’s just a snap shot and sometimes it’s more like a movie.

There are hundreds of days in my life that I have no memory of.  And I don’t mean that I have memory loss or any kind of “condition.”  I just mean, nothing significant happened that day and my mind can’t contain and recall every breath I’ve taken, so the day is like a whisper in the wind.

So I’m wondering tonight – is it an emotion(s) that’s triggered that tells my brain “don’t ever forget this”  ???

Or something of significance that will change my future?

Or really just random chance?

Most days, with the exception of really big events like weddings or vacations, I don’t wake up thinking “OK, I definitely want to remember today!”

It just happens.

And sometimes very painful memories hang around and I wish they didn’t.

However, I’m a firm believer that history will repeat itself.

And I think our memories are designed to be a guide or compass for the type of future we intend to have our “upcoming history” be for our lives.

To be honest with you, I’ve wasted that gift often.  I know things that have been beautiful memories not just for myself but for others as well, and would be easy to repeat, but I get wrapped up in selfishness and laziness a lot and waste my days away.

And I’ve also repeated mistakes because I didn’t use the negative memories intentionally enough as a warning to avoid similar situations or sins.

I care about my future history.  Because the chances that this wasted time I don’t remember is doing little to impact eternity is great, and the time I’ve made a difference for eternity, I don’t want to be little.

Practical Application –

Spend some time reflecting on my memories.

Use them as a guide for my life, creating and repeating the good ones!

Choose today to wake up every morning saying “I’m going to do something worth remembering today!”  And even if your mind still can’t hold and recall every single memory – you’ll know it isn’t because the day just wasn’t worth holding onto.  Who knows.  Maybe if we did enough worth while, eternity impacting things – we’d surpass that 20% brain power and need that other 80%.

Be intentional about


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