When faith collides with reality….

15 Jul

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Have you ever listened to someone pour out their heart on an issue and felt like because it didn’t involve your emotions, you were able to see some answers a little more clearly than they were?  I mean, you may not have “THE” answer for them, but you were definitely able to say some tough truths (or think them, depending on if you were brave enough to say them to the person.)


I’m right there.  But not for someone else.  For myself.

I see my circumstances – I see the decisions we need to make – I see the faith aspect – I see the reality aspect –

and I can HEAR myself and the words I would be preaching at someone else if it were someone else in my shoes.

And yet, because MY emotions and MY realities surface quickly, my belief in my own words is small and weak.

It’s such a scary place to be, when faith collides with reality.

God performs miracles.

And yet, sometimes when we pray for a miracle, He chooses not to provide the miracle we were hoping to get.  Notice I didn’t say He doesn’t provide a miracle, it just might not be in the form that makes the most sense to us at the time.

For example, I believe we’ve ALL prayed for someone who was ill and needed healing.  And we’ve probably all seen both sides of the miracle OR reality take place.

Some people are healed this side of eternity, and others are healed on the other side of eternity.


This time, I’m not asking for a healing miracle.

However, I feel just as uncertain about the financial miracle we need.

Is God going to provide this time?  Or is the reality of the situation going to lead to a certain death, which doesn’t mean God isn’t there – but it does mean it’s the direction the Lord is allowing.

I hear the next question – What is God calling you to?  He’ll provide if He’s the one calling you to take the leap of faith financially.

I agree.  He will.

I’m not sure I’m ever going to know which way God is leading me.  Wise godly counsel has led me to believe both ways are God’s leading – as well as scripture – as well as my own list of pro’s and con’s.

If only I was removed from my own reality — I wouldn’t be so undecided.

Practical Application:

Keep seeking, keep praying, keep fasting, keep asking – until the spirit pushes you toward a decision and your excuses lose their stronghold.

And if that doesn’t happen – accept that nothing happens outside of what God allows, so even your wrong choices can be used by God for your good.  God is sovereign over His children – you can’t make a decision that is outside of His reach.





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