Tight End.

16 Aug

So, my husband recently started calling me “Tight End.”

For those of you totally removed from sports, this is a position in football. (This much I knew.)

He didn’t start calling me this because he thought I had the characteristics of an actual tight end, it was more a joke just between the two of us referring to (oh gosh is this embarrassing) my behind, but at any rate – in my curiosity, I researched more in depth what the tight end position in football really does.

I was surprised how much I started to really like actually being referred to as my husband’s tight end. And here is why.

The tight end has so many jobs to do that most people consider it to be an impossible position for any one man to do. It’s often called the hybrid position because a good tight end has to specialize in blocking AND receiving. Many teams have to have more than one man to fill this role and switch them out depending on what play is going to be run, even sometimes putting two tight ends on the field at a time because there are so few men who can do this position flawlessly.

This is a quote from the research I did –
“First, the tight end has responsibilities to block. If there is a cornerback or safety or linebacker trying to sneak in and ambush the quarterback, the tight ends job is to get a good solid hit on this guy and slow him down. If it looks like the quarterback is going to get into trouble due to lots of guys trying to ambush him, the tight end must not only hit one of these guys, but he must then quickly release and get into the open. The tight end will be what is called an outlet receiver – it’s his job to catch the ball if the quarterback gets into trouble and has no time to find an open receiver. Finally, the tight end is supposed to be a good blocker so that if the quarterback calls a running play, the tight end can help bulldoze a path for the runner with the ball.”

What I read when I read that looks something more like this.

The wife needs to be a good blocker. When the temptations, attacks and stresses of life come after her husband, it is the wife’s job to create a safety zone for him. She can build him up by protecting his manhood with respect and submission so he can do his job quicker and more efficiently. She protects his reputation with her words and actions so he can feel confident in his role to lead the family.
Secondly, she needs to be a good receiver. When her husband needs to count on her to catch the ball and run with it, she needs to be ready, willing and available to catch it. When he calls a play, she needs to be a quick thinker so she can decide when to block and when to receive, always watching for unexpected trouble to pop up, but never panicking – just making the adjustments right away.
And lastly, she needs to be strong and brave to face the oncoming worldly advances that are bigger coming at her kids when the husband wants one of them to run the ball, clearing a path so they can be successful and independent.

The tight end position is valuable and important. And can rarely be done effectively by one person. Which is why as a wife, it’s a great thing I am not doing this alone – and I have Jesus to help me be successful in all these ways at one time.

While it might have been started as a joke – I’d be honored if my husband really did think of me as his tight end – and not just one who specializes in blocking OR receiving — but one of the rare gems who comes as the whole package.

Practical Application –

How are you doing at blocking and receiving for your husband?


4 Responses to “Tight End.”

  1. trixie1466 August 16, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

    Absolutely stunning post. Such a very nice compliment. However it was meant, either as a description of your figure or a description as your role as his wife, it’s fabulous!

    • Kayla Gulick August 17, 2013 at 6:34 am #

      Thank you!! And you’re right — either way …. I love him giving me a nickname 🙂

  2. nir2thee August 17, 2013 at 1:56 am #

    Such a clever post! I definitely enjoyed this analogy…Not to mention, this post is just in time for football season 😉

    • Kayla Gulick August 17, 2013 at 6:36 am #

      Thank you! To be honest — it made me like football even a little more doing some of this research and reading how men describe the game.
      I’ve always liked football…. but maybe now I’ll get a little more excited to watch it with him 🙂

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