Morality isn’t Accidental

2 Oct

I’ve seen multiple books, videos and concepts for how to take on the debate of creationism versus evolution.  Some of them I love! Especially the materials depicted by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort through their television show “The Way Of The Master” and their many other resources.

Two nights ago, these thoughts for an explanation were coming to me and I knew the Lord wanted me to address some of these ideas on my blog.  I don’t know who might need to consider these thoughts, but for what it’s worth — I fully believe if you’re reading this, IT IS NOT BY ACCIDENT!  The Lord has asked me to share this with you.

Inside every human being on the face of the earth lies a seemingly unexplainable thirst for justice.  We all, no matter our race or upbringing, understand and live by a moral compass.  And we know that the choices made in regard to our moral compass leads the way for what we deserve as justice for our actions. Our conscience is a special gift that reminds of us our moral compass and heeds as a warning against consequences.

The tables tip in multiple directions when we as humans allow our own ideals, governments, cultures and leaders to set the standard of our moral compasses.

Most humans all agree that rape, murder and stealing are all morally wrong.  Even those who participate in these activities know they are wrong and they cover or hide their actions because they know that through justice, they will be taken to court – put in jail – or murdered (depending on where you live) for these actions.

A good majority of humans disagree on the morality of modesty, sexuality, and abstinence until marriage.

Depending on what direction our moral compass is pointed to direct us, will determine where our lives take us, and the justice we find for our actions – or what we FIGHT for to be considered just so our actions will be accepted as morally correct to all.

We have two choices we can believe.

Either through the course of evolution, humans developed morality and justice spontaneously after billions of years (contradicting the idea of evolving through genetics  because the moral compass, nor drive to set up or pursue justice in any way shape or form by the animals we allegedly evolved from, does not exist in them.)  I suppose it could be argued that humans developed technology so we’re a superior species…. but I think that just takes us to an even greater point.

It seems if we’re a superior species, which we certainly are, we didn’t become a superior species by genetic evolution that can’t be seen in any of our other mammal counterparts.  Why are monkeys still in existence if they evolved and why are they not evolving in their intelligence, morality and desire for justice like humans?  And how did ALL humans evolve simultaneously with this moral compass and desire for justice no matter the cultural barriers if all animals haven’t evolved in that same way?

I believe we became the superior species with morality and justice because we were created to be a superior species with a free will to fulfill a specific purpose.

God, our creator, is the author of morality and the superior judge of all justice.  His design for us included parameters (moral standards) to keep us from negative consequences (justice for leaving those parameters.)

When God created Adam and Eve, and sin entered the world through one man – the consequences of sin fell on all humankind.  Because of God’s great love for us, He gave Adam & Eve the ability to atone their sins through a blood sacrifice, made often by different animals.  At the appointed time, God sent His son as a one for all blood sacrifice for the atonement of sins.  Just as sin entered the world through one man, atonement entered the world through one man.

Through Jesus’ death on the cross, we’re given the gift of reconciliation to the Father for the breaking of His moral law for us.  Justice for breaking the moral law is eternity in Hell and must be paid by someone.

As humans, we all know that there should be consequences to breaking the law.

If we were created by God, what kind of God would we be serving if He wasn’t a JUST JUDGE who punished the breaking of MORAL LAW?

He’d be a lousy judge.

The good news for us is that Jesus took our punishment, but IF and ONLY IF we put our faith in Him (believe He is the son of God), confess (live and speak in a way that portrays what we believe) repent (LEAVE our life of sin) accept (walk according to the word of God in its context as if it’s living, truthful, and the sole authority for morality and justice)

Sadly, 80% of Americans today call themselves Christians because they believe and often confess.  But without repentance and acceptance, they are no greater than the demons who believe God is God but are separated from Him for all eternity.

Most people will believe in God when argued against evolution, especially because most people want to believe in Heaven.

But let me paint a picture.

A man violently attacks, rapes, and murders your closest female relative (Wife, Mother, Daughter) and when you go to court to watch the verdict… the man says “But judge, I’m a good person. I may have broken the law but I personally didn’t really think that was that bad or morally wrong and I’ve done lots of good things in my life.”  Then the judge looks at him as says “You know, you’re right.  I’m going to let you off. You are a good person, and you didn’t believe that was wrong.  You’re able to set your own moral compass.  I find you not-guilty.”

Would he be a good judge?  Of course not.

And God is not going to look at us when we reach Heaven and say “Oh, you were a good person and set your own moral compass which made you accountable to no one else, nor did you need/accept the blood payment my son shed on the cross for breaking my design of morality….OK, I’m loving so I no longer need to be just. There’s no need for a punishment for your sins.”

He’s going to look at us and say “Away from me, I never knew you.” Unless – Jesus steps in and says, “This one belongs to me.  I bought this one back and paid the penalty for their crime.  Justice has been served.”

God can only be as loving as He is Just.  No one would love a God who wasn’t Just, Honorable and Moral.

Unfortunately, what we fail to share with others is that, we can’t ask God to be Just against Evil, and fail to see the evil in ourselves and expect Him to be just WITH US.

If we want God to take care of us, we have to trust that He knows how — and His moral compass was designed to do exactly what we’re asking from Him daily.

Practical Application:

Think about, discuss, dissect and be challenged to talk about with others the idea of our moral compasses (and the inner voice of our conscience that helps us recognize right from wrong.)

Morality and Justice only make sense long-term if there is eternal life.  And if there is eternal life, then we either all go to our own eternal home where our own moral compass and justice take us – or we are judged against one standard of morality (that we’ve all broken) to all enter one Heaven (or one Hell) and need a savior for redemption to get there.


2 Responses to “Morality isn’t Accidental”

  1. Gleniece October 3, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

    God will be showing His ultimate love for us when He eternally separates the unbeliever from the believer. Unfortunately, many of those unbelievers attend church every Sunday, think themselves “good”, and only accept Christ on their own terms. May we listen and heed the warnings in God’s word and not be self -deceived. Thank you, Kayla, for a thought-provoking post.

    • Kayla Gulick October 3, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

      That is a thought that pierces my heart daily. I too believe many people think they are believers when in fact, they are unsaved. I pray our reach to the lost extends beyond anything we could imagine and hearts are turned toward Christ. Especially the direction this world is going….

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