Because I said so….

12 Nov

I’m convinced that parenting is the worst job EVER!!!!

We know that Scripture says children are a reward from the Lord, and anyone who has a child knows that the blessings are immeasurable! I wouldn’t give up being a mom for anything in the world.  The treasures of watching my kids laugh, grow, learn, love, hug, kiss, tell secrets, all of it — it’s precious and wonderful.

So how could I possibly say it’s the worst job? Because if you think (like I did) that you might be a “good person” HAVE KIDS!  My kids have exposed every dirty little sin I had convinced myself I didn’t struggle with.  I had no idea how impatient I was, how selfish I was, how rude I could be, how much pride I harbored in my heart, how nasty I could sound, or how much I expected perfection immediately from others.

Which if you’re following my drift here – parenting is actually the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD for refining our character and changing our hearts.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately –

Am I the kind of parent who disciplines, makes requests and enforces rules that are always for the benefit of my kids, or for the benefit of myself?

What do I mean by this?

Am I making my kids do things because it’s important for their growth and maturity or because it takes less from me to do something else?

There are obvious times when we can’t give into the requests of our kids always if we are good parents.

I think it’s very wise to allow our kids to “want” something and not get it right away, and sometimes not ever.

I think it’s critical to enforce that our kids learn how to do chores and be a team player around the house, whether it’s laundry, dishes, mowing, picking up sticks, working in the garden, whatever the case may be – it’s good that they learn hard work.

It is essential to their maturity to learn not to whine when they ask for things and to use manners.

These are not the disciplines I’m talking about.  But think about this with me ….

What about when they want me to do something with or for them and I really don’t want to, so I say no — followed by that nasty little line “Because I said so.”

Do I really have a reason that is good for them — or is it all about what I feel like giving as a parent at the moment?

I notice that I get mad at my kids when I feel interrupted.  In those moments, I’m doing a lot less teaching them how to willingly help others and a whole lot more about how to be selfish with their time and rude when others ask for help.

I’m ashamed of some parenting decisions I make.  All those ones that don’t have my kids best interest in mind, they have mine — and I get away with it because I’m the parent, and I said so.

The truth?

I’m the one missing out on them wanting my time.  Soon enough, when I tell them no enough, they will stop asking. And then I’ll be the one asking.  And since I taught them it’s OK to say no as an adult — they will know perfectly how from being taught so well by my actions how to say “No” right back to me.

Practical Application:

What parenting decision do I make on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

Are they with my kids best interest in mind or mine?


4 Responses to “Because I said so….”

  1. Kimberly November 12, 2013 at 9:35 am #

    Just Want You To Know , I Am Following Your Blog , It’s Been A Blessing .
    I Needed This .

    Btw , I Am Grateful That You Decided To Keep Your Blogs Going . I Do Read Them .

    { I Appreciate Your And Another’s As In Blog I Read Too , Honesty }

    Your A Blessing !!

    • Kayla Gulick November 12, 2013 at 9:39 am #

      Thank you Kimberly!! It’s such a blessing to me when others comment and let me know they’re right there doing life with me!!!! I appreciate your encouragement so much!

  2. Melissa November 12, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

    Working full-time outside the home, and not having much time AT home to get things done, I find myself saying no more often than I wish I did. My other problem is that I simply do not like playing dolls, or prince & princess – I just don’t. I’ll read with my daughter, watch TV with her, I love taking her out to eat or shopping, but “playing” just isn’t my most favorite thing in the world. Maybe I’m just not a fun mom, I don’t know. I need to learn to be self-sacrificing, just suck it up and play with my little girl!

    • Kayla Gulick November 12, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

      Oh my goodness do I totally know what you mean about “playing” not being your thing! When I do play, I feel like 3 hours has went by and only 10 minutes has passed!!! 🙂

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