Thank you.

27 Nov

I’ve never been one to take compliments well at all.  I think because I see myself totally different from most of the rest of the world, and so – I don’t believe good things about myself.

If someone says “you did great” I make an excuse for why it was actually easy or it wasn’t that big of a deal.

If someone says “you are so talented” I usually refute it by downplaying the skills actually needed to do what I do.

If someone says “you are so beautiful” I laugh and point out all my flaw that they are choosing to overlook.

You get the idea here.

Recently, I was giving my husband some compliments and he didn’t just accept them like he normally would.  He disagreed and down played what I had said.  I have no idea if he did this on purpose so I could hear what I normally sound like or if he really wasn’t believing at the moment what I was saying.

Either way, I heard him – two things stood out to me that I’ve been mulling over in my mind.

One – when someone gives you a compliment and you reject it – you’re hurting them.  You’re denying them the chance to say their feelings and be believed.  You’re calling them a liar or accusing them of not being smart/insightful/acute enough to see things clearly and make a sound assessment of you or the situation.  Even if you’re doing this unintentionally – you’re cutting the giver off at the knees.

Two – it’s insulting to God to claim that He made a person with little or no talents, beauty or gifts. Does God create mistakes? Or worthless persons? Or humans with no purpose?

As I sit here and think about Thanksgiving – and read everyone’s lists on Facebook of 30 things they are thankful for this month — I’m challenged.

What are 10 things I can thank God for about myself?  Me — worthless, ugly, untalented, sinful, guilty, shameful me?

Thank you God for —-

1.) My outgoing personality and ability to talk to others easily.

2.) My spiritual gifts of Teaching and Mercy.

3.) My talented hands to make crochet items for my family and others.

4.) My mind for numbers and ability to do math easily.

5.) My open ears and eyes to love Jesus and hunger for my Bible.

6.) My love to serve others, and my working body to do so (Whether it be making meals, lending a listening ear, or gifting items or money to help someone else out.)

7.) My ability to put my thoughts to words in public speaking or writing form.

8.) My healthy body.

9.) My ability to multi-task and complete projects quickly and effectively.

10.) My incredible ability to listen and remember what is important to people and give really heartfelt and perfect gifts to others.

Practical Application —

How about you…. what are 10 things you’re thankful to God for about yourself?  I’d be honored if you’d share your list here — it’d be a great challenge to make your list public and proclaim what an awesome God we serve!!!


2 Responses to “Thank you.”

  1. Phyllis November 27, 2013 at 3:48 pm #

    Ok..Here are the 10 I came up with…this was really HARD!!

    1. I am thankful I have a good work ethic
    2. I am able to multi-task
    3. I thank the Lord for His gift of Music to me.
    4. The ability to teach and mentor
    5. My love of word and reading
    6. I am an encourager
    7. I am also an organizer
    8. I have a gift for remembering dates-birthdays, anniversaries etc.
    9. I have a passion for the things I beleive in–first and foremost Jesus Christ
    10. I have a love for my family

    • Kayla Gulick November 27, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

      Awesome list Phyllis — God did a great job with you 🙂

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