The only good thing about…..

9 Dec

As you know from my post a couple of weeks ago…. we are without a church home again for a season.  It can be very depressing if you allow yourself to wallow in it.  The first time this happened almost two years ago, I did wallow a little.  Not terribly, but enough that I cried and sulked in the depression a couple of times.

This time however, I’m refusing to wallow.  It is what it is.  We are where we are.  And (in my opinion) this is the best time of the year and I am not going to be found weeping in the corner instead of out celebrating the birth of the Savior.

That being said, it still stinks big time.

However, the only REALLY, and I do mean REALLY good thing for us about being without a church home, is the thinking, praying and obeying process of where to still give our tithe money.

Last time, we made some small contributions to a number of places. But, we also surprised a couple who were trying to raise money to adopt a child with a $500 check.  And friends of ours, the night before they were going to fail at reaching the amount of money they needed for their deadline date to be able to go into full-time mission work in Africa, a surprise $1200 cash, which wasn’t the exact amount needed but close enough that they were approved the next day instead of denied and delayed.

Oh how I wish we could throw money like that around ABOVE our usual tithe money every time we saw a need.  I am fueled by gift giving.  I love every part of it! To bless someone who wasn’t expecting it, who would never complain about being in need, who may not even deserve it … it brings me unspeakable joy.

So, as we find ourselves out of a church home again, we’ve agreed to take the last six weeks of the year, and bless the socks off someone this Christmas.

And I believe God gave us the perfect family!  We planned an AWESOME surprise!  I can’t wait.  If by some possible chance they would find this blog and read it, I can’t disclose this information just yet. But my excitement is bigger for this one surprise, than it is for my own family Christmas.

I could weep just thinking about it.

The best part?  We can’t even surprise ourselves with the kind of gift we are giving (and WE WOULD REALLY LOVE THIS GIFT OURSELVES…. oh so much!)

BUT – my husband and I were planning even extra special details last night completely unconcerned with any sacrifice it might be requiring of us.  Because the blessing this will be to this family — is SO WORTH IT!!!!

I will fill you in, reactions and all …. as soon as I can.

Practical Application:

Are you planning any holiday surprises this year?

Or have you planned one before that you’d be willing to share?


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