We can’t out give God.

19 Dec

I’m here guys — and I have so much to write about.

Between things I’m reading in scripture, and the controversy with Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, and just the ups and downs of waiting to find out this surprise gift my husband got me for Christmas that I honestly don’t know the details about and HATE surprises…. there is so much to catch you up on!!!!!

However, my husband is also on vacation for 2 full weeks!! So, I’m limiting my “blog time” and gearing up for Christmas parties!

BUT…. I HAD to get on and fill you in with the latest.

Tuesday night, my hubby went to play guitar like he often does once a week. To his surprise, one of his friends bought him a Christmas present. It was a CVA Wolf Muzzleloader (a gun, for you non-hunting/game friends out there.)
That’s a VERY nice gift.

We were not expecting anything like that, and certainly can’t repay him for such an awesome gesture.

At first, if I’m being totally honest with you, I was taken back. I mean – I was THRILLED for my husband to receive such a fantastic gift… but I quickly felt a little slighted that this guy had totally just blown my own present for my husband out of the water.
It took me all of a couple minutes to gain some immediate perspective. This friend did give the present… but the truth is — that was a present from Jesus to Josh to bless him for his giving heart.
And – we ended up with 2 deer in the freezer this year, but muzzleloaders, they have their own season – so he can hunt for more food beyond just the week of shotgun season here.

Blessings, blessings blessings!!

If that wasn’t enough, today I went to the mailbox.

I pulled out what I first thought was a Christmas card, but I noticed the address was from Pennsylvania. We don’t know anyone from PA. So, I turned the envelope over to open it and there was a tracking number attached. Right then, I knew this was a gift. No one puts a tracking number on their Christmas cards!

To my amazing surprise… there was a card that said “For unto us a child is born” with a $100 gift card to Meijer.

Are you for real????

I’m blown away God. Oh how you love us and you remind us gently that you’ll always provide for us. And no matter what ways you ever call us to give, we can’t out give you.

I am so thankful.
And if it was you who sent that gift card……. thank you for letting Jesus use you to bless us. I was moved to tears!

Practical Application –

Never be afraid to give big — God moves powerfully through our acts of obedience!!!


2 Responses to “We can’t out give God.”

  1. Jenn December 19, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

    I’m not at all surprised! But very moved by your story! My mom and I were just talking about this today, in how The Lord works. I said, it’s hard for me to understand how people do not believe. Simply look around you. Every single time we step out of our comfort zone we are blessed, and not necessarily financially. That’s certainly not the goal, but He is amazing and it brings me to tears often on how much He loves us! When we are obedient, we are rewarded. The best part is when I pray about something, there is a result of that prayer, and the feeling I get when I realize I got an answer from Him! He took the time and cared enough about ME to listen and come through. Just wonderful! I’m glad you have had this experience. It just leads to further obedience. ūüôā

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