Phil is not a victim.

20 Dec

This whole saga with Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty consumed the air waves and social media outlets yesterday like I’ve never seen anything else before! I read at least 5 different blogs or articles yesterday and viewed a minimum of 10 different edited photos with a picture of Phil or the family and some sort of quote added.
Majority of my friends on social media are Christians so I didn’t view too many that weren’t in major support of Phil, the show and the family. But they are out there too!

My personal opinion on all this? Let me put it in three parts.

1.) Yes I agree, Christians seem to have a hard go of it when it comes to freedom of beliefs and speech. However, there is a difference between freedom and consequences. Phil was not thrown in jail or killed (freedom) Phil was suspended from work (consequence). Unfortunately, there are negative consequences to even the good actions we make as Christians some times, and this is the result of A&E in a panic that the loudest most vile sect of people are going to destroy them if they don’t act rash. Fear makes us do all kinds of irrational things.

2.) The world is watching every Christian right now. If we stand in protest in a name-calling, crude and degrading humorous way, we are not representing Christ well. Yes, it is good and wise to stand up for your beliefs. But with dignity, humility, honesty, love and tact. Be careful of those pictures and links that you like and share on your page.

3.) Phil is not a victim. And we’re slandering the gospel if we make him one. Scripture tells us that persecution is coming and that we are blessed when we are persecuted for righteousness sake. And that we are to rejoice when we face trials of any kind because it develops perseverance.

I do not know Phil personally, so maybe I am speaking way out of turn here — but I think I know him well enough to say, He does not feel like a victim today. He is living his life for Christ today, exactly like he was three days ago. He is not compiling a team of lawyers to sue everyone upside down and inside out for picking and choosing what they used from his interview, or the slanderous way they are portraying him on national television.
Instead, he’s praying with his family for strength and asking God how they can best keep spreading the gospel and serving Him.

If we treat Phil like a victim, we’re acting surprised. We shouldn’t be surprised. The Bible, which we put our entire faith in as the living, breathing, Word of God is proving itself true and accurate. We should be praising God for His unfailing prophecies that solidify our faith. And, we should be rejoicing with Phil for the rewards he will receive, and thanking God for godly men out there living the truth of the gospel unashamed.

Practical Application:

I think all too often, we run for the victim card – assuming if we’re the victim, we’re the winner in the situation. But on God’s team, there are no victims, only saints who receive their treasures in Heaven as they build their eternal home while working on Earth.


2 Responses to “Phil is not a victim.”

  1. howsyourlovelife December 20, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    Well said!

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