Me? Are you sure?

10 Dec

I’m barely on this blog anymore, and I barely have time to read the blogs I love.  I’ve been so busy, and somehow, even though I kinda hate Facebook – I’m still on there; and even though I LOVE my blog, I’m not on here.

The irony?  God is still using this blog even when I am not.

I’ve answered some random comments on really old posts and God also brought a new friend into my life who has needed some help walking through a rough situation in her marriage.  Three people have crossed my path in the last few weeks who are all walking the same road.  They are desperately fighting for their marriages while their husbands are walking away, namely after an emotional affair.

God…. I’m really no expert in this.  I’m really unsure how to counsel anyone.  I’m really still a failure in my own marriage that I’ve got no business giving any wisdom to anyone.

me? Me? ME????  Are you sure God because I don’t think I can do this… at least not well.

Maybe you’ve been where I am?  Suddenly, you’re very aware of your short-comings, lack of experience, and past failures while at the same time being in such a place that you can do nothing but let God work through you in awe that He’d even consider a failure like yourself.

Moses, hey Moses — let’s be friends.  That burning bush is scorching my face and well, I may not stutter but I sure stumble. Me and you, we’re one in the same and I like your style.

These people that I’ve chatted with and counseled…. they think I’m helping them.  Truth?  They’re helping me.  I’ve never been more aware that I know more about what I should be doing than what I’m actually doing as when it comes out of my mouth in advice while I know my own actions are not or have not reflected my own words.

It just occurred to me: God chooses us sometimes not just to show His power by picking those who couldn’t do what they are doing without Him, but also because the vessel He chooses to use is immediately changed with a refiners fire like no other when God is working through them.

Practical Application:  Praise God almighty that He’s refining me intently while giving me wisdom and words to speak to those who need a Word from Him.

I’m so thankful He loves me so much that He’d keep working on me in such a real and powerful way, even while I’m still such a sinner.  Who else can love like that?


2 Responses to “Me? Are you sure?”

  1. sophia208 December 13, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    I love that Kayla. I so enjoy all the topics you cover. I’d say God has his eye and hand on those ladies you getting to bless …. Your blog has been an amazing blessing in my life.
    Thanks !

    • Kayla Gulick December 13, 2014 at 4:27 pm #

      Thanks Sophia — what kind words to warm my heart!!!!

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