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Do I care?

18 Oct

I am not even sure why I’m writing about this today.  Maybe because it has been on my mind all week, I have only told my husband, and I’m still deciding if I care or not.

Since not many of you know this, my husband attended a church for about 3 -4 years before we met, and two months after we started dating, I started going to church with him there.  We were there for over 10 years together, and then it happened.

I wish (for writing purposes) there was some really big grand story with hurt feelings and drama because it’d make for a fantastic post…. but that just isn’t the case.  The reality is that in the last three years, we felt like the Lord was calling us to leave the church.  It was such a weird thing for us to discuss.  I grew up in the same church for 18 years, and only switched because I was getting very serious with my husband and we were going to live in that town.  I didn’t believe in “church hopping” or leaving because of offenses.  I still to this day do not believe that God calls anyone out because of hurt feelings.  Those things must be worked out and resolved before leaving.

Anyway, an opportunity arose for my husband to start serving in a form of leadership and it felt very “good” for him spiritually.  In fact, God still used it to really challenge him, grow him, and mold him more into Christ-like-ness. When it came time for his leadership to expand into an official position, the Lord halted the forward progress.  I can imagine a million ways people can look at a “no” vote, but at the end of the day…. GOD is on the throne and HE makes even pagan men do what He wills.  A “no” vote still has God’s hands all over it.

And in prayer, we knew that we knew (the voice of God was SHOUTING by that point “I told you three years ago, it was time to go.”) We wrestled it out for a few months for fear that everyone would think we were leaving for all sorts of “wrong” reasons.  And finally it came to a head. God said “Do you fear me or men?”

So we looked at each other in the middle of the service and said “we aren’t coming back.” And we didn’t.  That was at the end of February.

We’ve been in prayer, fasting and searching for 8 months now. And in this season, we’ve grown SO much.  Our marriage is absolutely incredible.  We’ve learned an enormous amount about church life.  We’ve been able to release ourselves from compromises and set a brand new standard for our family of areas we will not buck on when it comes to twisting, altering or ignoring parts of God’s Word.  It has been hard.  And I miss having a church family daily.  However, it’s been worth every minute.

I happened to catch wind of a rumor that we landed at a church that we haven’t landed at.  In fact, it is  a church we definitely would not land at.

And that’s where I’m at today.  Do I care?  I said right away to my husband that I really don’t care.  We’ve had so many people talk about us in the last 8 months that really, what is one more thing.  And who cares what they think or where they think we’re worshipping?  It isn’t true.  And we know that.  And anyone who really loves us and is close to us knows it isn’t true and is still praying diligently for us to get everything out of this season that the Lord wants us to gain, and when He is ready, land in a church home that is being prepared for us and is in need of the spiritual gifts we have, so we can complete the church and help it function wholly as the body of Christ.

Knowing truth matters.  But letting truth be enough halts Satan from advancing in situations.

Practical Application:

Refuse to entertain the thoughts.  It is so easy to sit here and think about “why” they think we are attending church there. And “who” might have started the rumor.  And “what” others are saying about us being there (even though we aren’t.)  But that isn’t the meditation that pleases God.  And it ties up my mind from being used in ways that will bring glory to the Lord.

Have you ever been here?  Care to interact and share a situation when someone started a rumor about you that wasn’t true and how you reacted to it?