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A letter to my boys….

15 Aug

Dear Boys,

I never felt the need to write you a letter at the start of any previous school year before this year, I suppose that could be taken as naïve –  but then again, I never thought this day would come, and it feels like a bigger year than all the others.

School is not going to be the same this year.  I know you’re use to memorizing a Bible verse every week, learning Bible stories, and going to chapel every Wednesday.  As well as praying at the start and end of every day and counting on your teachers to give you godly advise whenever you need it.

The normal routine will not be like this in Public school. It’s going to be a lot different.

For starters, there are going to be a lot of kids.  And by a lot, I mean A LOT.  You’re use to fifty in your entire school, and you’re going to have about seventy-five in just each of your grades alone.  The first day walking in will be scary.  But Dad and I will both be there to go in with you.  And that brings me to my first point.  Daddy and I are ALWAYS here for you whenever you’re scared.  If anything happens this year that makes you nervous, feel unsafe, frightened, or sad – I want you to come to us right away.  We’re on your side, always.  That doesn’t mean you will get away with things because we’re on your side, but it does mean that you belong to us and we’ll protect you no matter who, what, when, where, why or how you got into any given situation.  We will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

The next thing you need to know is that with so many more kids, you’re going to be exposed to things you’ve never seen or heard before.  Not everyone is a Christian. And because of this truth, that means not everyone will live their lives to honor Christ and follow Scripture.  This is where wisdom and discernment will come in handy.  Whenever you feel in your gut that something is wrong, or remember what you’ve learned at home, school or church is different from what is happening – you’re going to have to be brave and courageous and do the right thing.  God always rewards obedience, even if you don’t see that immediately – you will see God’s blessings for doing the right thing.  And rebellion always has negative consequences.  Even if you don’t see those right away – you will have to answer for your bad decisions and it will cost you something. As you grow, we’ll share more of these realities from our lives with you, so never think this is just a warning, it is a reality.  Obedience is always worth it.

You’re going to hear naughty words; don’t repeat them.  Ignore them and continue to use appropriate words. You can be a trend setter if you stick to your guns and don’t be wishy-washy acting one way at certain times and another way at other times.  Our tongues have the power to speak life and death — you cannot praise God and also curse other people, so use your tongue to speak life and build others up.

You’re going to see people getting picked on.  No matter what you do, don’t join in. Ever.  Scripture tells us that some will entertain the “least of these” and in doing so have entertained angels.  Every person was created by God and for God – we’re all equal – by picking on others, it’s like saying you think you’re better than them and can treat them poorly.  You’re not better than anyone.  You might make better choices than some, but you’re not superior to anyone. Be humble, don’t think more of yourself than you should. Be a friend to everyone.  You never know when your friendship will show someone Christ through you and you’ll have the chance to share Jesus and they’ll accept Christ as their Savior and go to Heaven.  Our goal is always to share Christ.  And the best way to share Christ is through friendship. So be friends with everyone!!

You’re going to experience more intense peer pressure.  Basically that means, when a large group of people is doing something, and you’re the only one who isn’t – it creates a BIG temptation to join in just because you don’t want to be the odd man out.  Adults experience this too.  And it’s tough to make the right choice, but not impossible.  Scripture promises that no temptation is too big for you to escape and God will provide a way out if you call on Him.  Stop and pray whenever you feel that pull to just join the crowd even though you know it’s the wrong choice.

You might have teachers who don’t believe in God.  This is going to be different.  But listen up, you can still respect their authority as your teacher, even if they have different spiritual beliefs than we do.  I’ll let you in on a little secret — kids teach adult things all the time!  And your actions will show what you believe.  If you make good choices, you’ll stand out from the other kids and even an adult will admire what is different about you and want what you have that they don’t – which is Jesus.  So be respectful, submissive, and make good choices and you’ll witness to your teachers this year too.

You’re not going to pray as a class at school.  But that does not mean you can’t pray silently in your mind whenever you need to talk to God.  Part of following Christ is talking to Him all day long every day about all situations.  No one can keep you from praying – so always talk to God first about your day and then to us when you come home.

And lastly, sometimes we don’t understand what God is doing, or why things are happening the way they are – but God promises to work all things together for the good of those who love Him.  The Bible is full of men and women who were asked to walk a road that didn’t make any sense to them, but ended up being good for them, for others, and brought God glory and honor.  This year may not have looked like we thought it would, but God has a plan and will use this year to grow you in your characters, faith, obedience, and courage.

Daddy and I are praying for you every day.  You’re going to be awesome.  We’re so proud of you.  And we love you so much!

Love, Mommy




Allowing good things to create bad idols….

23 Jul

I’ve heard it said before that even good things can become bad things.  For example – saying yes to too many fund-raising committees can spread you too thin to care for your own family.  And – surprising your spouse with a really incredible  present when there isn’t money to be spent on it that month can cause the family financial stress, even though it was a selfless act.

Today though, I’m going even a little deeper than that.  I’m talking about allowing the fulfillment of our convictions to become idols and even allow some pride, judgment and condemnation to sneak its way into our hearts.

As we grow in our faith, God will reveal Himself to us more and more – and through this revealing, we gain wisdom and insights from scripture.

None of us accepts Christ, and then immediately understands everything, has all new convictions, breaks all old habits, and understands everything we read in scripture with flawless precision. That just isn’t how it happens.  Each of us starts out as an infant and hopefully spends the rest our lives growing and maturing to example Christ.

In this process, I’ve discovered that we can be moving very much in the right direction, and slowly, without intention of any kind, get off course – or continue on course but only while picking up heavy boulders to carry as we walk.

I’ve discovered this in my own life with Christian School.  My husband and I felt extremely convicted to send our kids to the private Christian school in the county in which we live four years ago when our oldest son started Kindergarten.  I did not start out making this decision with any judgment or ridicule of anyone else or their decisions for education.

Throughout the last three years, as I watched my children growing in the Lord, memorizing scripture, bring protected and nurtured in a Christian environment without the inclusion of myths and theories the world has adopted – I began to feel more and more like we were making a better choice for our kids than others were making.

I certainly didn’t condemn anyone or degrade them for using the public school system, but in my heart – I grew proud that we were mature in the Lord, following our convictions, taking HUGE leaps of faith financially, and giving our kids the best option available.

This year however, our circumstances have changed, the environment has changed, the options have changed, the finances have changed and we’ve had to cry before the Lord for guidance.

Remember that big decision I said a couple of weeks ago we are making?  Well, after weeks of talking, praying, fasting, seeking TONS & TONS of counsel, my husband has decided that our children will actually be attending public school this coming school year.

And I’ve run smack dab into this faulty idol that had so subtly rooted in my life.  I realized that my fears have caused me to put a lot of trust in myself and not enough in God.  And my anxiety over not doing “the best” thing for our kids makes me feel like we’re not as good of Christians or that we’re slipping in our faith.

To my surprise, I’m not the only one who this has happened to.

I’ve recently heard some similar stories from other friends sharing these same realities.

One mom was homeschooling originally with the heart to impress on her children education, but with Christian roots.  Eventually she found she was taking pride in it and controlling her fears with her own strength.  She lost her voice and needed surgery on her throat which put the kids in public school for a year.  She grew immensely and God worked on some amazing life lessons for her – but also for her kids that year.  She is now homeschooling once again, but with a totally different heart attitude.

One woman told me that this happened with wearing skirts.  She said she didn’t feel like she judged others for not wearing them – but that she found herself believing she was a better Christian for wearing them.  And she started to like the attention of others thinking she was a radical Christian for this decision.  Her original heart motive was to please the Lord with modesty, but some other stuff snuck in there too.

And yet another wife told me this has happened with respecting her husband.  The imagine it portrayed started to become equally as important as respecting her husband because it’s a command of God in marriage.

Some times making decisions, ESPECIALLY IF WE FEEL WE ARE FOLLOWING A CONVICTION, can allow us to be VERY opinionated.

We can become arrogant that the way we would do it is the ONLY RIGHT way to do it, and if it’s not done that way we get judgmental or angry.

We can press our convictions, reasons, and opinions on other people as facts and expect them to be in total agreement with us. (Let me give an example of why that is a little silly.  Samson wasn’t suppose to cut his hair.  Does that mean his example should have been impressed upon all men with the intent that they all take the Nazarene vow and no God-fearing man who walks this Earth should ever get a hair-cut? No?)

When we start to examine what others should be doing, how we’re doing it better than them, or any other form of us/them – we’re not right with the Lord.  Our decisions shouldn’t be based on looking around in any direction except directly up for what the Father wants us to do.

God leads the hearts of His people.  And He alone is responsible for convicting and judging motives.  And if blinders are on or need removed – they are under His authority and will stay or fall on His command.

I never thought we’d send our kids to public school.  Any time before June of 2013, I would have in fact told you there was NO WAY it would ever happen.  And yet here I am, looking over the public school supply list and organizing “Street Clothes” instead of uniform clothes to be used in the next 4 weeks.

Practical Application:

Make a list of my convictions.  Spend some time going over them and admitting or confessing any hidden or secret judgments, opinions, pride, idols that have crept their way in EVEN though my heart was first set on doing right and following God.  Confess, repent and go forward with a new, clean heart!


22 May

MODESTY is actually quite bigger than I feel I can tackle.

Why?  Because it’s very uncommon for even two people to agree completely.  Even if they are relatively on the same page, there are often even minor details that they slightly waiver on.  And the reason behind that is simply this:

1. we all struggle in different areas

2. we all view scripture through our ability to understand and interpret it (I believe, scripture says this is given by God)

3. we are all surrounded by men of different opinions.

All men are visual. But that sentence does not mean that all men equally struggle with the same visual temptations.

I will go so far as to say this, even two men who struggle with pornography addiction, may very well struggle with different stimulation from different images.

As much as I’d love to write some hard and fast rules that clear up this issue and make it a non-issue in our culture, or at the very least, in the church – I simply can’t.

For example, a man once said to me, I struggle greatly with collar bones.  I don’t know why, but it brings forth intense sexual stimulation.  Should all women be forced and required to wear turtle necks so I am not tempted to stumble?

I also recently had a conversation in which we discussed how two women in a bikini can walk into a room and if one is inviting, flirtatious, and vocal and the other is quiet, reserved and avoids attention – the first will get more attention.  As well as, if two girls are dressed in a long skirt and modest top but have the same attitudes I just described, the first girl is still going to get a lot of attention – and inappropriate attention.

The point?  Modesty IS NOT all about what you wear.  In fact, it’s MORE about the condition of your heart first, followed by how you represent that condition with your actions. 

Out of the heart flows behavior.

So where really is the line?  And honestly, is there a line?

Lately, I’ve seen, read and heard quite a bit of discussion on the topic of women wearing skirts.

The debates are large and broad.  I can’t even write them all here without taking up WAY too much space and time.  I will however write some of the statements to show just what I’m talking about. ((THESE STATEMENTS ARE NOT ALL MINE NOR DO I AGREE WITH THEM ALL))

– Skirts make women more feminine and thus separate the sexes appropriately.

– Skirts help women to remember to be feminine and submissive to men.

– Skirts help to remove visual temptation for men.

– Skirts are only appropriate when they are floor length.

– Skirts can be worn from the mid-calf down.

– Skirts can be worn from the knee down.

– Some activities are not appropriate to wear a skirt.

– Some men see a skirt and immediately just see “easy access” and stumble more quickly.

– Jeans and pants are designed to put all the emphasis on the butt and crotch.

– Skirts that are made of spandex or cotton even if floor length hug the hips and butt revealing just as much as a pair of pants.

– Only skirts made of denim or wool are appropriate to not show any curves or figure.

– It is our responsibility to help keep men from stumbling.

– We can’t control men’s thoughts.  It’s less about what a woman wears and more about the man’s heart.

– Women in skirts get more attention from men than when in pants, especially in our culture where most women wear pants.

– Christian women are supposed to stand out and be different.


You get the idea.  What’s a person to do when they are bombarded with all the opinions and arguments???


Here is my SUGGESTIONS to you.  I am NOT implying what I write here is authoritative over anyone!  But I hope this will help.

Practical Application:

1.) Pray.  And no, I don’t mean pray one time.  Commit to praying for an entire month.  I’d even offer that you fast during that time as well.  Ask God to open your eyes to what HE SEES as modest and immodest.  Ask Him to remove your opinions, ideas, fears, and anxieties and just help you look around and in scripture to more clearly define what your responsibilities are to other Christian men, to the women of the world, to your husband, your children, and to Him.

2.) Ask your husband (brothers/father/male-head in your life) what they think of your current wardrobe.  EVEN if it’s all skirts.  Try on a few things. Even bathing suits.  EXPECT HONEST FEEDBACK and take it seriously.

3.) Try on your wardrobe for yourself and look in the mirror.  If you ever say “I wonder if this is OK” – It’s not.  That is a hard and fast rule I live by in many areas of my life.  (Side note – I tell unmarried couples that all the time.  If they ask, is this too far – then it’s too far.)  I believe that question comes from the Holy Spirit giving us conviction because it causes us to stop and think.

4.) Evaluate and also ask those same people from above to give you honest feedback about your heart attitude.  Are you modest or immodest in the way you walk, talk, approach others, behave, interact, and communicate.

5.) Be willing to accept the results of the above four steps.  It might mean you’re on the right track.  It might reveal that you need to throw some things away or go shopping for some new things.  Or it might mean you need to evaluate your heart for modesty issues and not even your wardrobe at all.



When two Christians don’t agree.

15 Nov

Is there anything more frustrating in all the world than when two Christians disagree with each other or don’t get along?

It seems like an oxy-moron doesn’t it?  Christians should love each other and get along and always see eye to eye if they’re serving the same God and being led by the same Holy Spirit.

So why don’t they?

I think it is because of one reason… broke down into two categories.

The reason is this… James 4: 1 -2 a

4 What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? 2 You want something but don’t get it.

Category # 1 : I want you to do it my way, because I’m  smarter, more experienced, and more mature than you are – and if you don’t, I’m going to be upset and feel like you’re doing it wrong.

Category # 2 : I believe you’re not following what scripture says – and I’m going to take a stand against it even if it causes waves between us.


We ALL slip up in Category # 1.  We have opinions and we like them to be valued and submitted to.  In minor ways like how to put the roll of toilet paper on the holder, how to stack the dishes in the strainer, and how to fold the towels.

But we also have opinions in some more substantial areas that feel a lot more significant in terms of spiritual matters that aren’t actually sins but can teeter the line closely.  Like how much scripture we should be reading a day, how many drinks of alcohol classify as not crossing the line into drunkenness, how often should we take communion, should we tithe off gross or net, and a check list of things we should be doing if we are truly a Christian.

Those can tend to really play heavy on us if we have a personal conviction toward a certain answer, however, we must be careful not to hold someone accountable to something that isn’t actually written in scripture.

Category # 2 is a LOT deeper! Just because two people are Christians, does not mean they are at the same level of maturity nor does it mean that they have the same wisdom and understanding in all areas of Scripture.

It sure seems like we should, and it’d make it a heck of a lot easier if we were all on the same level playing field… but we just aren’t.

It’s important when you really feel like someone is being disobedient to scripture that you’re honest.  Explain your reasons in love and truth.  And then be patient with their response.

If they fall into category # 1 – chances are, they aren’t hearing much truth because they’re too caught up making sure they are getting their own way.

If they are just uneducated, there is a good chance your honesty, concern, love and truth will open their eyes to see the wisdom you’re sharing and change their opinion or stance to line up with yours (and God’s).

I know the greatest temptations with this issue are to become judgemental, as in deciding if we think someone is really saved at all. And also to blow the disagreement up to a level that changes other truths.  One small disagreement in a specific instance shouldn’t allow other areas of the person’s life to come under attack or question.  Keep the disagreement focused on strictly the disagreement.

Practical Application:

HAVE PATIENCE!! I’m learning and growing EVERY DAY so I have no place to stand on intolerance for immaturity.

Search my heart to make sure when I’m in a disagreement with another Christian that I’m not actually just upset because I think my way is better.

Speak the truth in love and with full honesty so hopefully my fellow brothers and sisters will hear the message I’m giving and not judgement in the midst of a disagreement.

Accept that a disagreement does not need to be blown out of proportion.  Keep the issues under foot and in perspective!

Following Christ or following man?

10 Oct

WARNING- I get very heated up by this topic.  I try hard to stay calm, but before I know it, my hands are talking as much as my mouth, my heart rate is up, I’m usually standing (even if I was sitting)…. this topic really sparks something in me.  I hope I can do it justice.

Have you ever heard anyone talk about a denomination with “disgust” for the (what they perceive to be) faulty ideals, theology and practices?

Oh come on- get honest. You’re thinking of a denomination right now that you think is teetering “blasphemy” for their wrong interpretation of scripture.

What I find so interesting about this topic is that most people can see the fault in everyone elses religious practices and beliefs, but they think theirs, well theirs is the right one.

Now before I lose every reader I have, I want to make sure I’m very clear about something before I dive in all the way on this topic.  I am NOT saying that if you’re attending a denominational church or EVEN a non-denominational church (as I’ll get to in a moment) that you are sinning and you need to stop going.  PLEASE- it is very important you don’t go at this post with that heart.  The actual point I will be making is that if you’re letting your “Church, Denomination, Conference,  Pastor, or Mentor” decide your theological beliefs, chances are, you’re not letting Christ do it.

I’m not going to tear apart Calvin, but I detest when people call themselves “Calvinists.” Or even more silly, “A 3-point Calvinist.”  It flips the other way too, “I’m an Arminian.”

You’re a what?  How about, you’re a Christian,  and maybe just maybe, you and Calvin agree on some or all of your theological beliefs.  When I said this to someone once, they were extremely agitated by me saying that and said, “well duh, I’m a Christian. You’re being so dogmatic.”  Am I?  Taking a man’s name and calling yourself by his name, is agreeing to be one with him.  This is shown by example in our marriage to Christ as his bride “calling ourselves Christians and in our marriages with women taking their husband’s last name.  To start adding or taking away from that and calling it good,  is scary.

Then there is the big name denominations.  John Wesley- founder of the Methodist denomination. John Knox- founder of the Presbyterian church. Martin Luther- founder of the Lutheran church.  Walter Scott, Thomas and Alexander Campbell, as well as Baron W. Stone – founders of the Church of Christ. Menno Simons – founder of the Mennonite Church.

There are others, obviously, but you get the idea.  I call these “man-made denominations” because that is indeed what they are.  These men created a denomination based on their interpretation of scripture and created a theological beliefs system which they used to start a church.

Some of them even write in a journal their prayers, songs and study notes. I don’t believe for one minute any of those men intended for their journals to become ritualistic, which many have.  I actually believe men who did intend to have themselves worshipped, (like Joseph Smith) are actually the leaders or many cults today.

Maybe one of the founders of one of the big name denominations was/is DEAD right on his theological beliefs! I’m not saying one wasn’t/isn’t.  What I am saying is that they are all different, so they aren’t all right.  Throw in bishops, elders, deacons, conferences, and every other form of leadership (corporate and in the individual church today), and we have “added and taken away” from these original doctrines that were once started and created even more versions of these denominations.

Non-denominational churches run into a different yet equal scenario.  Often times in these churches, pastors are praised.  “Oh pastor so & so is AMAZING!  He is an incredible teacher.  He is SO wise.  I just soak up everything he says!!”  And even though there isn’t a long-standing denominational belief system, the pastor’s words become gold. He may even gather a huge following, that eventually divides or kills a church when he leaves.

I hope I’ve been able to paint the picture that I am definitely NOT picking on anyone personally or on any one denomination or church.  I promise that is not my heart!

What I AM trying to paint a clear picture of is that we, the CHRISTIANS of the world, have stopped reading our Bibles, studying, digging, praying for wisdom, and letting the pages of scripture be unveiled to us.

Instead, we’re “raised” into our beliefs, or we sit back and see who makes the best argument and sounds the most right.  How many times do you hear people say “I need to seek out “so & so” and talk to them. Do you know what they are really saying? My pastor will explain to me why I believe what I believe.

Isn’t it amazing that this problem is ALREADY addressed in scripture for us?! Paul names this exact situation I’m describing and emphasizes the fault.

I Corinthians 1:11-13

11 My brothers, some from Chloe’s household have informed me that there are quarrels among you. 12 What I mean is this: One of you says, “I follow Paul”; another, “I follow Apollos”; another, “I follow Cephas[a]”; still another, “I follow Christ.”

13 Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized into[b] the name of Paul?

(Insert any names above.  One says Calvin, another Wesley, yet another “Pastor’s name.”)

Friends, we’re all gravely deceived if we buy into the notion that someone else has already uncovered theology for us.  We’ll buy into anything they say.  Right or wrong, if we give them the weight of our decision, we are NOT giving it to Christ.  We, church, have no other choice but to OPEN OUR BIBLES and read them ourselves.  God is a big God!  I don’t care what little knowledge anyone thinks they have, scripture says God makes the fool, wise and the wise look foolish! God will reveal and make known to the believer who seeks Him any answer needed.  But, and here is a REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG BUT!!!, only and I do mean only, if the believer is willing to search scripture with a clean heart and mind and NOT to prove right what they already believe.

ANYONE can interpret, twist, and manipulate the words of scripture with fancy talk and “past cultural practices” to make a VERY compelling argument for exactly WHY they are right.

But that doesn’t make them right.  That makes them an incredible debater.

We’ve become so dependent on other people to tell us what we believe.  Sometimes, when we really have a conviction, we can’t even face it because it doesn’t match up with “our beliefs”.

Who are we following?  It isn’t Christ if we aren’t in His word.  It’s a pastor, teacher, denomination, theologian.  The only way to follow Christ is to read God’s Word, and read it MORE than you read anyone one elses interpretations or books.

Follow Christ.  Not someone else.

Practical Application:

Consider how much I’m in God’s Word.

Compare it to the amount of time I’m listening to others “teach me” about God’s Word.

If needed confess and grieve the sin of following someone else over following Christ.

PRAY PRAY PRAY for God to clean my heart AND MIND of beliefs that might not have come directly from scripture and open up the Bible and STUDY God’s Word FOR MYSELF! Trust God that He is big enough and wise enough to teach me.

Giving kids an education

19 Sep

Typically when I write a post, I take a pretty obvious stance in one direction or another.  Today though, I’m not sure you’re going to get the “usual, what you’ve come to expect from me” post.  I don’t even usually consider making a topic an entry on the blog unless I’ve collected all my thoughts and come up with a pratical application.  On this issue though, I’m not even sure as I’m typing now, exactly where this will go.

Giving kids an education today is so far evolved from what I experienced growing up. Maybe my memory is a bit foggy, but I don’t remember having homework until at least the 4th grade.  And honestly, that was so minimal I really could actually say, I don’t remember actually having work to complete outside of class nightly until junior high.  By that time, I was able to schedule study hall time during school hours to complete my homework.  Even through high school, I rarely had nightly homework, except for math, and when I did, I typically completed it before I left school.

Now-a-days, kindergarteners have homework.  It is not uncommon at all for them to have up to an hour a night to complete in some schools.  Second grade students are expected to write book reports.  Librarians want to give homework to the kids. Study halls are often not allowed because an elective class can be added instead.  There are more classes needed, like computer and technology classes, and college prep or even college credit classes.

In general, 2-4 year degrees are becoming extinct because “more and more” education is required for the “good paying” jobs.

A new reality shows, a 5-year-old will start school and begin with an hour of homework a night, be taking spanish in elementary, start algebra in junior high, be taking college classes at 16, and plan to need at least 6-8 years after high school to go into $100,000  + of debt to have a good enough education to get a job in the world today.

Let me address homework to start.  I can see why homework has relevance in some subjects.  When it comes to math, if a child can’t remember what they did 3 hours after class, then after 24 hours, they will be behind and be unable to keep up.  Math builds on itself, so it is a good indication if the child isn’t understanding their homework, they aren’t getting the material they are learning.  However, 8-15 problems (depending on age) is plenty to determine if they are able to apply what they are learning on their own.  That being said, homework every night, in every subject, causing kids that are 5-10 years old to spend an hour or more above and beyond the 8 hours they are at school seems excessive.  Why are we as a world pushing them to be rocket scientists? They need fun, imagination and creativity.

I too, want my kids to be educated and able to obtain a decent job to support themselves and their families.  And there is SO much more in this rapidly changing world that they need to know every day.  But at what cost?  A confusion that their identity in the world is based on how successful they are in school, the degree they get, and the amount of money they make?  The loss of childhood and humor in life because everything has to be so serious and strict?

Might we, as a world, have made an idol out of education? or success? We’re so busy striving to give the kids THE BEST education they can get and THE BEST chance at success, that we’ll do anything, including adding WAY more than we should on them, to reach this goal.

And I have no solution.  Sure, we can choose to scale back, or home-school and decide for ourselves the right amount of work or education they need and in what areas, but will they be ready for college, and can they get a job in this world without college?

How about it parents?

Are we doing the right thing?

Are we asking too much of our kids?

Are we on the right track toward the “right” kind of success?