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25 Mar

This morning, I’m lost in thought over the seasons of life… and our understanding of “time.”

You’ve heard it said “God’s timing is not our timing.”  And we get that in the sense that sometimes we ask for things and we don’t get them right away.

But what about the thought of Eternity.  To God, there is no time.  He sees, the past, present and the future.  He’s already seen the end of the world, wrote the end for us, and yet will be with us when we get to the end.

It’s a lot for us to wrap our minds around.  But in a small way, I think we’re more there than we even realize at times.

We were created to be eternal beings.  That’s why death is so awful for us to grasp.  We weep, wail and mourn, and yet we rejoice with hope knowing our souls aren’t dead, only our bodies.  We fear the process of dying, but we grow excited thinking about Heaven. Our souls are in conflict with what our human minds are able to understand.

We can see this same battle with time.  Some seasons in my life feel so long, I practically feel like nothing else has ever even happened in my life when I’m in the middle of a really tough season.  When I was trying to get pregnant for my 3rd child, and had 3 miscarriage, and went 3 years from starting to try until Jaxon was in my arms – I couldn’t remember any other season of my life very well at all.  The season I was in was all-consuming!

And today I stand here and feel like that season wasn’t all that long because almost four years have passes since then and SO much has happened!!

Laying in bed last night I said to my husband, can you even believe we’ve been together for 11 1/2 years?  That’s insane!  I don’t even know where the last 10 years of my life went. I still feel like it’s 2003, and even saying 2013 feels like we’re talking about the future.  I barely remember life before my children.  It feels like I’ve had them or 20 years, even though my oldest just turned 8.

When I try to process all that, it literally blows my mind.  I can’t do it.

I’m sharing all this to say, we’ve been in the valley for over 6 years during the season of being too big for our house, trying to sell, and not being able to.  I went through all the emotions of grief really. (Which I believe we all do when we want something and have to wait on the Lord.  It’s a dying to our wants process.)  I was angry, frustrated, sad, exhausted, hopeful, disappointed, joyful, accepting, patient.

And now, on Friday, we finally sold our house on land contract, and bought a new (totally perfect for us!) house that we’ll hopefully be moving into in 30 or so days!!!  (Praying for no hiccups or hang ups along the way!!)

I don’t know what your seasons look like, but I’m sure when you think about them, you struggle to grasp the “time” of them as well.

All I can is that, we have to recognize that the truth of that is just another wonderful reminder to us that our souls are alive and longing for eternity.  There is a part of us that grasps etenity even though our minds aren’t there.

No time. No forward, nor backward.  No past, present, future. Just Eternity.

Practical Application –

Rejoice in the knowledge that we can already see how eternally made we are, even while walking this Earth.

How small is God?

14 Oct

I’ve had a few scenarios present themselves in the last week that have really shaken my core to get to the bottom of this question. How small is God?

Yes, most people would flip the question to say “How BIG is God?” But the reality here is that most of us don’t treat God like He is big at all.  We treat Him like He is small, has little power, has little value, has little authority, and has a very small ability to work out situations that seem improbable or even impossible.

The sad part of all that is that most times, we use our mouths to say the opposite without really believing it.  We make big proclamations that “Nothing is too big for God.”  We may even quote scripture and say “God works all things together for our good.”  But when it comes to living it out in a totally surrendered way, that’s when the real truth of how small we think God is comes rolling back into play.

Last night during a service opportunity for a men’s retreat, the pastor giving the message said flat-out “Folks, God needs you.”

No pastor, God does not need us.  God can do ANYTHING He wants to do with or without the help of any human on this earth.  He set the planets in motion and literally haulted the Earth so the sun would “stop in the sky” for an entire day in answer to Joshua’s prayer.  He makes even pagan men submit to His control. He is the all-knowing, powerful & mighty-warrior, creator, & inventor of the universe and all that dwells within it, God of Heaven and Earth and He does not need any of us.

BUT- the really awesome, incredible, truth of the God we love, who is so madly in love with us is that EVEN THOUGH He doesn’t need us, He chooses to use us.  HE CHOOSES US! He died for us because He delights in us.  NOT because He needs us.

I’m in the process of helping with a fund-raiser for a Christian event and the first meeting we had over a month ago felt so much like we were acting in our own wisdom and strength.  Ideas to exclude and target only those who have money were flying around the room and I sat there in a sick panic.  How dare we?  Do we not believe that God can do anything He wants to do even if we don’t raise a penny?  And are we so desperate to “have a successful profit” that we lay a foundation for greed in each of our hearts.

It is a tricky line because it is a fund-raiser, but it all comes down to the heart.  I believe  if we give God our absolute BEST worship (because EVERYTHING we do is worship) to be good stewards of what we do have and love everyone without worrying about how to manipulate a situation for our own good in our own strength, then God will be so moved by our act of love to Him and others, that He’ll pour out His blessings.  That is how good shows us He works all through-out scripture.  He responds to our prayer and worship, not to our logical planning and witty ideas.

Anyway, I’m certain there is a mountain in your life right now.  There is in all of our lives, all the time.  I want to know how small is God in your life?  Is He incapable of moving the mountain, especially without your help and control?

Or maybe, He is too little in your mind and He doesn’t have authority over your heart, thoughts and actions.  He isn’t the driver because you don’t want to submit to His ways.

I honestly believe without a doubt in my mind that God doesn’t move in our lives in crazy incredible ways more often because we don’t believe He can or will.  We want to believe it, but it seems too risky, too vulnerable, too illogical to really live out that kind of trust in God.

Practical Application:

What am I trying to control today in my own wisdom?

Where are my hands busy orchestrating my own “Plan A” even though I’m saying that God is leading.

Do I even trust or believe that God is BIG at all?

Confess the truth to God about how I see Him & treat Him.

Ask God to heal my unbelief, and give me faith where I’m too weak on my own to express it.

Ask God to show me this week just how BIG He really is in my life and in this world.