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Fifty Shades.

28 Sep

I first heard about the books “Fifty Shades of Grey” back at the end of June.  I was concerned immediately when I heard about them, but given that I hadn’t actually read them, it seemed pretty unfair to make a snap comment or rash judgement.  Shortly after, I saw a Christian review and was relieved that my initial response did carry justification for what I originally thought.  I have prayed about these books, researched on-line, read many reviews, but still have not actually held one of the books in my hand, or read a single word.  And I won’t.  I’m going to share with you why I’m convicted to stay away.

I wasn’t sure I was going to ever blog about this topic.  Mostly because I know what I’m going to share will NOT make me popular in the world.  In fact, I’m discovering more and more rapidly, it isn’t even going to make me popular in many Christian circles.  However, I’m called to be “not of this world” so I guess I might as well grow my enemy list and accept another “she’s a Christian freak” medal to wear around my neck.

~ A small disclaimer *I am not writing this post to be preachy, judgmental or dogmatic.* However, the less we call out Satan, the more he roars around like a lion devouring people… in this case… book by book.

I couldn’t name the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” better myself if I was given the rights to name the book.  Well, I can certainly think of some other names that describe it more vividly, although, the name really fits.

There is Black and there is White.  There is Sin and there is Holiness.  There is Evil and there is Righteous. There is Moral and there is Immoral.

Anything in the middle is a trick.  Depending on the eye of the beholder, “gray” allows the eye (heart) to decide which color they more dominantly want to see, white or black.

I can’t stand when people say “that part of scripture is gray.”  Or, “we can’t really come to a clear conclusion on that because it is a gray issue.”  GOD IS NOT GRAY! God is WHITE!  He will always be white.  His word will always be WHITE!  Our minds will never be BIG enough to comprehend how WHITE God is this side of eternity, but that doesn’t make scripture gray.  That makes us black humans trying to understand a white God and when we find an area we don’t fully understand or worse yet, don’t actually want to abide by, we call it GRAY.  PRAISE GOD He created a way for us to also be white as snow, through the blood of Jesus Christ, so we don’t have to spend eternity in our black condition.

Let me tell you a real quick story.  My husband was out one night with a buddy, who is unsaved, and he says “my wife is reading porn.” When seeing his reaction to his own statement, it was clearly understood that he liked it because it meant more time in the bedroom for him.  Because he isn’t stimulated by words, he doesn’t seem to mind that his wife is being stimulated by them.  There are no pictures, so the danger level decreases rapidly in his mind because he protects his wife by  knowing and watching out for what he knows protects him.

Here is the reality of the book Fifty Shades of Grey.

It is P O R N O G R A P H Y.  I’m not sorry I just said that.  And no, I’m not over-reacting.

God is very black and white about sexual sin.  (Matthew 5:19, Acts 15:20, Romans 13:13 I Corinthians 5:1, 6:12-13, I Thessalonians 4:3)

Pornography is typically classified as images of naked (or mostly naked) women (more recently elevating in pictures of men too) posing in inappropriate, yet inviting positions to entice the male (more recently female) eye.   Men are stimulated by visual images.  So this leads to lust.  Which leads to adultery.  Which is a big fat SEXUAL SIN!  BLACK.

Most women are stimulated mentally.  If their mind is into the moment, their body follows suit.  Female Pornography is best described by picking up a book that mentally stimulates feelings and actions by discussing sexual acts. Women are stimulated by mental arousal. Which leads to lust. Which leads to adultery. Which is a big fat SEXUAL SIN! BLACK.

But wait.  Women are not acting alone.  Just because they read these books, they aren’t spending more “alone time”, they are actually just being liberated and then taking all their new sexual excitement to their husbands.  In fact, it is bringing marriages together.

So a man looks at porn in his car, walks into the house, grabs his wife, and enjoys sexual fulfillment with her.  The first idea of stimulation did NOT come from his wife.

The same is true when a woman reads a book, but then does all her physical acts with her husband.  The stimulation started by a character (or characters) in a book (actually written by a specific author) and then is fulfilled in a manner that seems “safe” or “right.”

To the comments (via the controversy on the world wide web) that say “marriages are being re-kindled.”  So what happens when she is done reading the book?  She isn’t going to keep initiating and jumping all over her husband unless she enters a porn addiction and keeps finding more books to read because her mind is no longer being stimulated.  And lets watch what happens in about 2-5 years.  I feel like I can say with confidence that the divorce rate will just keep climbing as always, if not more rapidly because the men are not changing.  The women become disappointed that the husband doesn’t start “doing all the things they want or read about” and the men are stressed and deflated that the wife seems to be on sexual highs and lows that have NOTHING to do with them!

Pornography- BLACK.

Sex with spouse- WHITE.

Pornography induced sex with spouse – GRAY! Not OK!

I physically hurt when I think of this generation of children being called “The Fifty Shades of Grey Boom”.  What a win for Satan if we actually label a generation with a big fat COMPROMISE for morality.

I recently heard that Ryan Gosling will possibly be staring in THE MOVIE “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  What could this movie possibly be except visual porn?  And we’d put it in the box office? God have mercy on us.

Practical Application:

First, if you’re a man reading this post and your wife has read, is reading, wants to get these books… Sit down and talk to her IMMEDIATELY!  Most women are truly naive at realizing what exactly they are participating in.  Remember Satan likes to trick us into thinking we might actually be doing something good or right whenever he convinces us to indulge in sin, so tread carefully without accusations, but talk about this RIGHT AWAY!!!

If you’re a wife who has read or is reading the books, stop. Repent first to God, and then repent to your husband. Confess to him that the blinders have been removed to what you’ve allowed in your life, and ask his forgiveness.  And then stay away from similar books, and especially the movie.

If you haven’t read the books, guard yourself against temptation.  Especially since I’m bringing to light a dark side, most likely Satan will really play on your curiosity to see what all the fuss is about. Don’t do it. Guard your heart. And protect your marriage.  The union is sacred and holy.

Remember above all that Satan works best in our lives when he makes sin look “good” for us.