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Valentines = RESPECT not love???

19 Jan

Hey Ladies (Girls Only this time guys… sorry : )

Through out the last 6 months I’ve learned that men appreciate being loved – but they thrive on being respected.  I know we as women thoroughly enjoy all the romantic and gushy present and gifts, but instead of giving what we like to get – or even just a tool or tickets to a game like we normally gift – let’s REALLY blow their socks off this year with a TOTALLY FREE present that will light them on fire (and no, I’m not just talking about sex – but do that too : )

**Even if you don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day (because we don’t) this is STILL the perfect time to do this!!!!

I’m asking you to join me this year in a Valentine’s Challenge/Present.

Starting THIS MONDAY January 21st let’s put together a “25 Reasons I respect you” present.

There are a number of ways you can participate.

Here are some ideas:

1.) Starting Monday – leave a note in his lunch/in the bathroom/in his vehicle one per day (25th day will be Feb 14th V-day) that says “I Respect You Because…..”

Optional- Also write them down in another location and put them together in a book to give him on Valentines Day. Your book can include printed out pictures of him working, being with you, playing with the kids etc… or can just be words!

2.) Start Monday and work on your list, but don’t let on what you’re doing.  Then buy a picture frame and print your 25 reasons out and frame them.

3.) Start Monday and give him a gift each day with a note that says why you Respect him.  This can be SUPER cheap or expensive depending on that you want to spend.

Example: Buy a bottle of Mt. Dew and attach a tag that says “I respect you because no one else at work can DEW what you do!”

Or a snickers Candy bar and say “I respect you because no one can make me SNICKER like you can.  You’re SO funny!”

Get on Pinterest – there are SO many ideas out there!

4.) Start Monday and pick something your husband loves (especially something you’ve never maybe taken interest in before) and make a play-on-words respect list of 25 things from that.   You can tell him one each day – or put it together and give it to him Feb 14th.

Example – Tools.  Tape Measure – I respect you because no one measures up to you. Then, continue with Hammer – Saw – Wrench – etc.

Or football – I respect you because you take life’s “tackles” and get back up with such confidence to keep leading our family.

Nascar – Basketball – Golf – Poker


WHAT you do is not going to be the important part.  The important part is that you use the word RESPECT and NOT THE WORD LOVE!!  He knows you love him.  And you tell him that daily.  What he isn’t always confident of is if you respect him as a man.  So tell him you do!  Just like if he made you a list of 25 things he loves about you would light your heart on fire…. this will nourish his soul in the same way!

**** You do NOT have to do this for your husband only.  This is a FANTASTIC present for your Son, Father or Grandpa too!!!!!!!

How about it?  Are you up for the challenge?

Practical Application:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment below any other ideas or suggestions you have.  Also – tell me what you’ve “picked” to do and some ideas you’re using.  Especially if you pick something like Football or Golf because other women who have never taken an interest in those things could REALLY benefit from your  ideas too!


You have my full permission to share this with anyone you want – reblog it – pin it on pinterest – email it – Share it on Facebook

Let’s light up our men’s life this year, and in the mean time – remind ourselves of all the things we respect about them too!!